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The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll - Initiation (Chapter One)

Lukahn (Jason Andersen)
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She had never felt closer to Pwyll than at this moment. As she stood with her blue robe draped over her body, she looked up into the eyes of her master. The huge statue that depicted her god towered above her, looking down at her in his infinite wisdom. In her heart she vowed to always do as her god wished of her. Her vision was blurred as tears began to stream down her face, and the high priest handed her her newly bound book, the one she would never part with, the book of Pwyll's will.

"You do Pwyll honor by shedding your water," the priest spoke softly, so only she could hear. The holy symbol she had wrought with her own hands was placed around her neck, the metal circle holding a piece of blown glass in the form of a single drop of water. The symbol for her god, The Keeper of Rivers. The high priest smiled at her as he stepped back up onto the altar.

"Brothers and sisters, a new sister has come to join us. Pwyll has swept her to us, and we have caught her and shown her the way."

"Pwyll be praised," the men and women gathered said in unison.

"On this day, she has shown her devotion to Pwyll. She has created a Symbol of Pwyll, which she will wear always, even in sleep, even in death. Pwyll has blessed it, and it will help her in speaking with him."

"Hear the trickling of Pwyll's words," the group droned.

"And Pwyll has given her more guidance, the book of his will, which we read and try to understand. She has read it from front to back, and will continue to do so, until she is united with Pwyll at the River's Mouth."

"Pwyll guide us on our journey."

The high priest looked at the young woman standing before him, the tears streaming down her cheeks. "And now, young Bellona, you are a true cleric of Pwyll." He looked out at those gathered. "Behold your new sister, Bellona!"

A cheer went out from those congregated there. She turned to look at her new family, those that would protect and teach her, to those that she would return the protection, and perhaps teach in her own time as well. Her heart alight she looked out beyond the temple, envisioning the ways she could spread the word of her god to the surrounding lands. The people needed to hear the wisdom of Pwyllís words. They needed to understand that he would be waiting for them at the end of the journey, at the Riverís Mouth. She would teach them, all of them. Pwyllís following would be spread all across the face of Klonus, and she would be the carrier of his word, the example that they could turn to when they faltered. She felt in her heart this was his will that she do this. She could hardly wait.


The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll Chapter 1: Initiation © Lukahn (Jason Andersen)

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