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The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll - Evil in Kolyen (Chapter Two)

Lukahn (Jason Andersen)
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Two days had passed since the initiation. Bellona was on the way back to her bedchamber when she noticed two of her fellows with their heads together. They were whispering furiously, but paused as she approached. Not willing to intrude, she forced back her curiosity and returned to the small room that contained her bed. She was preparing for an hour of meditation when a knock came to her door. A note was slipped under her door, and the messenger continued down the corridor, knocking on the next door in turn. Looking at the slip of paper, Bellona saw that it was a calling to a mass gathering of her fellows. Hurrying to the main temple, she saw many of the clerics gathered already. The bishop himself was there, speaking to several other people of high rank in the temple. She whispered to one of her comrades, "What is going on?" The woman only shrugged. Bellona remained silent then, waiting to find out what was happening. Soon the bishop stood to speak. All became quiet.

"Followers of Pwyll. I have gathered you all here today because of some shocking events in our city. Several robberies have taken place."

Bellona's face looked quizzical. Why would the temple be interested in robberies? Wasn't that the job of the town guard? Perhaps the temple itself had been robbed! Wild and fearful thoughts flew threw her mind. The bishop continued.

"You may be wondering why we are concerned with robberies. Indeed, it is not the robberies that have us worried, for the Local Guard is adept at handling robberies themselves. However, these particular thieves have left behind evidence. And that evidence suggests that undead were involved."

A collective gasp was heard, and some murmurings, but they quickly stopped when the bishop frowned at being interrupted.

“The Local Guard, knowing that undead are best taken care of by the Servants of Pwyll, asked for my help. Being the head bishop, I cannot deny them that help, as they have kept us safe for many years, and it would honor us to return the favor.

“You are all gathered here, because we will be patrolling the city streets, in an attempt to locate the undead should they strike again. Priests and Priestess' will report directly to your respective Elders. The rest shall report directly to your Duty Masters for instructions."

The room filled with noise after the bishop finished speaking. Everyone moved off to find out what they were to do, and Bellona followed the crowd, headed to speak with her Elder, excited to finally be able to do something for the good of Pwyll.


The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll Chapter 2: Evil in Kolyen © Lukahn (Jason Andersen)

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