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Quest of Light

Quest of Light
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Quest of Light

Born in this world,

A world of giants and impossible quests,

A single soul, forever seeking a goal,

A goal of immortality, love and renown.

Through the dark he holds a candle,

Through death he gives life,

But within his mind there rages a battle,

A battle of doubt.

Why him to have this task?

Why him to hold this responsibility?

But to his friends he looks for guidance,

Arms to fight this battle,

Strength to overcome this feat,

For without his friends,

Half the battle is already lost.

Often the souls sees illusions of the light,

The light at the end of the tunnel.

But it is not the true thing.

And sometimes he sees others,

Others with the goal he seeks in their hands,

So with pain and great envy in his heart,

He brushes them away,

Forever searching for the end of his quest,

And when this quest is fufilled,

This soul shall be complete.

Quest of Light © Shado

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