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Prophecy of the Talisman - Chapter One (Page Five)

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"I agree." Jeran replied to her plan of attacking the beast.

Jeran could see the fire in Lysana's eyes. She wanted to exact revenge on the beast that had killed her friend, and was eager to attack it now as it devoured the corpses. Thoughts of his own dead father and brother flashed in his head as he unsheathed his sword and readied for battle, though a small part of him had misgivings of what they were about to attempt. This was not simple prey they were about to engage; this creature had broken through brick walls and removed the marble lids of coffins like they were made of paper. Still he could not turn back now, for this creature might be connected to the monster he sought and they might not get a better chance than this.

"I have an idea," Jeran whispered. "You go back downstairs and enter the chamber from the passageway. I will attack the beast from above while it is distracted. Hopefully we will catch it off guard and gain the initiative."

"Are you sure you can jump from this height?" Lysana questioned softly.

"Yes. I have jumped from my bedroom on the second floor, since I was a child...mostly to escape from the wraith of my father...late father." Jeran explained. A wave of emotion swept over him as he realized that his father would never again breathe the air of the living. He made a silent prayer and motioned to Lysana to go downstairs as he crouched to the balcony's edge.

The monster still sat in the middle of the room, holding the decapitated head by its hair, such that their faces met. Jeran was not quite sure what it was doing, until he heard a tearing sound as the creature pulled the head away from him ripping the heads rotted flesh from the bone. Just ten feet away, its double bladed sword lay on the ground.

Jeran didn't know what alarmed him more; the fact the monster had just eaten the face of a dead corpse or that its blade was now within arms reach. Previously the blade was resting in the corner of the room and now it practically lay by his side. His heart and mind raced as to he should do; he could try to go after Lysana, but would probably not reach her in time or he could stick with the plan and hope for the best.

Just then the decision was made for him as Lysana stepped into the chamber, cursing at the beast to draw its attention. It was time to attack.

Drawing on all his courage, he leapt from the balcony floor, gritting his teeth as he drew his blade back ready to strike the beast. What happened next made his heart sink. The creature lunged for his blade and rolled away from where Jeran was going to land and was now heading for Lysana.

"NO!" Jeran screamed as he landed and raced to help Lysana fight the creature.

The creature stopped just before Lysana and spun his weapon before thrusting it where she stood. "It's not going to be that easy," Lysana declared as she parried the attack and delivered a brutal move of her own. Her blade made a direct strike across the creatures' neck, but to Lysana's surprise, no damage was done.

Lysana gasped and Jeran stopped in his tracks. The armor of this creature was impervious to normal blades. The creature then let out a deep roar as it continued spinning its blade.

"You fools. Do you not think I heard you trying to ambush me? It matters not, for I am Barec, destroyer of the flesh. Your puny weapons can do me no harm, and now I will feast on you," the creature said as it completely ignored Jeran to focus on Lysana. She stood there, nervously rocking from foot to foot, with her sword raised. It was a hopeless cause, but she would not go out with a fight.

Jeran stood behind them all, witness to this terrible situation as it unfolded. His father's sword pointing to the ground, he knew he would be next. As the Barec took a step towards Lysana, he started breathing deeply while raising his sword. He would rather die than watch Lysana suffer.

Fearing not for his life, he yelled and ran forward with his sword pointing directly for the creatures back. At the last second, Barec spun around with a smile on his face, which quickly turned to horror as the blade burned through his rocky skin like hot coal on winter snow. Barec arched his back dropping his weapon to the ground and let out a sound so deafening that Jeran loosened his grip of the sword.

That was his last memory as Barec retaliated by striking Jeran with the back of his fist.


When Jeran opened his eyes, he could see nothing but black. A darkness so complete he wasn't sure if his eyes were truly open or not. The air was heavy and smelt like death.

"Oh Satan, I have died and you have taken me for striking my father and not protecting my brother," Jeran wept as he put his hands to his face. He was lying on his back, and he began lashing out into the darkness, when his hand touched some flat, smooth and cool. Feeling around, he saw that it enveloped him completely except for what he lay on which was a soft material.

That's when he heard the sound. It was Lysana's voice, and she was screaming, but not a steady scream of anger but one a repeated high pitch, each ending in a gasp. He then heard Barec grunting and yelling at her, though he could not make out what he was saying. Then Lysana let out a scream that sent shivers down Jeran's spine. Her shriek melted into a gurgle that was followed by an ominous silence.

Jeran knew where he was. The vile creature has put him in one of the coffins and he now feared the worst for Lysana.

"Are you enjoying it in there?" Barec yelled as he slammed the coffin. "You injured me, you insolent worm, and for that I am going to make you suffer a slow and lonely death. I've put enough weight on the coffin that the Gods themselves could not free you. I'm leaving now, but don't worry. I plan on returning with some friends to help me collect that sword of yours. It seems that the mere touch of it, sears through my skin. Oh, should you still be alive when we return, I'll think about ending your life quickly, but only if you beg." Barec's laughter slowly faded away as Jeran yelled out demanding to know what happened to Lysana, but received no answer.

Jeran was breathing harder now as the air was running out. He now regretted attacking that beast.

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