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Prophecy of the Talisman - Chapter One (Page Eleven)

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"Split up and take cover!" Jeran yelled as he raced for the closest recess in the rock that would offer some protection. As Jeran dove for cover, a shower of large hailstones pelted the area where he had been only moments before. Catching his breathe, he peered over the safety of the rock face to catch a glimpse of his comrades. Kal'im had found a similar recess to hide in while Kerli had pressed himself into a small nook against the rock face from where the attacks were coming from.

As suddenly as the hailstorm had arrived, it stopped and there was an uneasy stillness in the air. Jeran watched as an icy mist streamed down from the hilltops into the center of the clearing. It swirled faster and faster, until it slowly took the shape of a man. Standing over six feet tall, his pale blue skin was in stark contrast to the jet black armor that he wore. The air around him seemed to turn to billowing smoke as the warm air hit his cold body. He slowly looked around, finally fixing his gaze upon Kerli who was cowering in the rock wall.

Sensing his brother in danger, Kal'im was just about to fire off his crossbow when a sudden blast of heat shot past him and struck the blue skinned man in his back, sending him to the ground. The armored figure screamed out in pain. Rolling over, he returned several ice blasts at the unseen assailant before transforming to a mist once more.

As the mist creature was making his escape, a bald man wearing deep blue robes strode into the clearing, chanting words as he pointed his fingers to the sky. As his voiced reached a crescendo, a fiery flame burst from his fingertips and sprayed the heavens, dissipating the mist into nothing.

Jeran was in awe of the power he had just witnessed. He had heard of such beings that could command great magic with just the use of words and gestures, but he had never seen such a display. Turning his attention to the bald man, Jeran suddenly remembered having seen him before.

"I know you!" Jeran exclaimed as he left his hiding place and walked towards the man. "You were the one who rescued me from the coffin in the cemetery of Haven."

"That is correct. And it would seem that once again I have saved you from certain death," the man said with a small smile. He looked to be middle age, with no distinguishing features. Seeing that the imminent danger has passed, Kal'im and Kerli now joined Jeran.

"Yes, once more I am in your debt. Will you not tell me your name?"

"I am Ellion Mal'ian, fifth adjunct of Alzamon."

"What was that creature that attacked us?" asked Kerli.

"That was Dar'shan, the demented creation of Saravan Baalim who seeks entry through Adonia as do we, but for much more noble reasons."

"What's Adonia?" Kerli questioned further.

"That." Ellion replied as he pointed to the immense temple still visible past the hilltops.

Jeran pressed Ellion to continue his explanation of Adonia. At first Ellion seemed reluctant, but he took a seat on the ground and crossing his legs told the legend of the beginning of time. He told of how the ancients built the temple of Adonia to serve as a portal between the two worlds. It was built on the edge of the universe where the stars themselves did not exist, and the light of their cousins could not be seen, so that it might not be employed by those not deserving to cross over. It was not until five hundred years ago when Eloihm Thorne, the all powerful and founder of Ellion's order, was able to pool the energies of a thousand sorcerers to create the planet they stood on, along with the portal to get here. It was his wish for mankind to meet its makers and show that we have reached an age where we may tread among them.

Ellion continued that Eloihm was betrayed by his only child Sunak, who slew his own father to gain control of the portals and Adonia, for reasons that only an evil mind could understand. However Eloihm's pupils stood their ground against Sunak and since that time, the clan of Alzamon have been fighting Sunak's offspring while attempting to gain entry to the temple. Five hundred years later, Saravan is taking on the cause that his ancestors started.

"Why don't you just just walk in?" Jeran asked.

"The temple you see is greater than a thousand worlds, and is many millions of leagues away. In order to make the journey, we must once again unite all the powers of our sect, focusing our energies to bring this planet into the mouth of the Nicimus, protector of Adonia, and to do that we must come into possession of the Talisman of Eloihm."

"I take it you don't have this Talisman?" Kerli inquired.

"That is correct, but neither does Saravan. The legends also say that in his last act before being slain by his son, Eloihm cast the Talisman to another realm where it lay for five hundred years until mankind was once again ready to accept it."

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