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Planetouched - Chapter Two (Katalmach the Suicidal Berserker Paladin)

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“Well, that was a waste of time,” sighed the tiefling as they left the Bonegnasher caverns,

“We’re right back where we started.”

Maria had to admit the rogue was right, although they had managed to get some information about Logram Eyegouger and the whereabouts of the emissary, But at this rate it would take a year to get into the Blacklake District to see the Sage Aldanon. It was time she didn’t have.

Around every corner she expected a Bladeling or Grey Dwarf to pounce out at her screaming Kalach-cha!

Strangely enough she hadn’t spotted any since arriving in Neverwinter, but she wasn’t about to fool herself into thinking they had given up. She fingered the chunk of silver in her pocket; it radiated a faint hum that echoed in her chest, as if it were calling to her. It definitely contained magic but it was far beyond anything she knew and wished not for the first time that the burden of carrying it had not fallen to her. It was more trouble than it was worth and she would rather be at home studying with Amie then be here, cold, tired and searching for a needle in a haystack.

They had fought through hordes of trolls and orcs only to come out empty handed with no clue as to where to go next except Logram was somewhere in these mountains.

“Oh Amie, I wish you were here,” she smiled sadly, “You were always the brave one.”

Memories assaulted her.

Fire! Snarling! Screaming!

Amie’s lifeless eyes staring into the empty sky as Maria begged her to get up...

Her friend, her sister, killed for amusement and a chunk of metal.

Maria resented the fact that her friend had been slaughtered for something she deemed insignificant, what was so different about these pieces of silver that those monsters needed to kill innocent people?

Her golden eyes started to mist and realised she would start crying if she continued moping; she shook herself, adamant she would not embarrass herself in that way in front of her companions. She ran her fingers through her tangled chestnut mane and was disgusted by all the blood, gore and sweat that came off in her hands. She had not asked for this, and yet it had been thrust upon her giving her no choice, he had given her no choice.

The image of Daegun, her foster father filled her mind, the small emotionless ranger who had raised her yet was totally opposite to her in every way. She remembered his parting words as she had left the Mere, not knowing if she would ever see him again.

“Perhaps one day we will speak again, and gain an understanding of each other.”

She doubted she would ever understand him; or why he had taken her in when he bore such a gaping hole in his heart, a hole that never filled no matter how hard she tried...

“Ah, we have company lass!”

Khelgar was practically dancing with glee at the prospect of another fight, the Aasimir on the otherhand was getting a headache from her constant use of magic, she had never in her life exerted herself so. There were only six of them and the dwarf practically took them out on his own, much to her relief.

“Well that was entertaining,” he grinned after removing his axe from the last orc’s skull,

“Looks like we caught them by surprise for a change...”

They heard an inhuman growl and turned to find a dozen more orcs coming up behind them.

“Just like orcs, they don’t know when to quit!” grinned the dwarf as he got his axe ready.

An arrow pierced the throat of the nearest orc, catching them all by surprise. The orcs started snarling as a small band of fighters emerged as if from thin air, mayhem insued.

“Wh-? Hey! Those are our orcs!” Khelgar cried indignantly as he ran to join the fray.

The battle was alot shorter this time around, for which Maria was grateful, her headache was getting worse and she wished she hadn’t used that last healing potion on Qara just to keep her quiet. As the orcs lay dead a tall, stern looking man with piercing blue eyesand the weapons of a paladin approached them, he was not unhandsome but the frown on his face did no justice to his features.

“The Sword Mountains are a dangerous place. More now then ever, with the orc tribes gathered behind Logram’s banner.”

It was as though he was chiding her and once again, she felt like she was being treated like a child.

“Dear gods I don’t look that young do I? I’m one and twenty nearly...”

“I had things under control,” she replied defensively, an indignant scowl on her face.

“He seemed to smile a little at her defensiveness and it softened his features.

“I thank you then for allowing us to take part in the battle.”

It sounded as though he were apologising for his harsh tone and Maria relaxed a little but kept the scowl in place.

“I am Casavir, and my men and I have been hunting these orcs for days.”

Maria raised an eyebrow in surprise,

“You’re the one who has been harassing the orcs?”

She found it hard to believe that a paladin could be a suicidal berserker madman.

He was looking at her oddly,

“I’m curious, why have you ventured into the mountains? Surely you understood the risk in coming here.”

She was sick of people looking at her as though she was a fragile flowere, ready to break in the wind. She shouldn’t have to prove herself over and over again.

“Look, just tell me where Logram is and i’ll take care of the rest.”

Less talk, more action.

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow,

“If you intend to enter the stronghold of Logram, it is to the north. I can lead you there.”

“I can find the way myself!” she snapped; she was getting mightily tired of this paladin and his superior attitude, he needed to be brought down a notch.

“You probably could...but by then it would be too late. I can get you there faster.”

Why wouldn’t he just tell her and then go on his merry way? It seemed once again she was being given no choice in the matter.

“Fine. So are we done wasting time yet?”

After instructing his men to return to the well he turned to her,

“Are you ready?”

She snorted and smiled wryly,

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Planetouched Chapter 2 -Katalmach the suicidal berserker Paladin © slydfox

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