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Planetouched - Chapter Three (Old Friends and New Acquaintances)

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Finding Logram wasn’t the hard part; Killing Logram wasn’t the hard part, even freeing the Waterdeep emissary was easier.

Easier than trying to persuade the Paladin she didn’t need another companion.

“Maybe you should stay Casavir,” she pushed none to subtley.

“No, the orcs no longer hold Old Owl Well, it has been freed for the people here, not solely for a Neverwinter trade route.”

“You should stay and help the Grey Cloaks,” she tried again, “After all, I’m heading back to Neverwinter, isn’t that where you didn’t want to be?”

“It’s ok, I think it’s time I returned to Neverwinter, and from what i’m told about this shard of yours – you’re going to need all the help you can get.”



That tiefling had such a big mouth, for someone whose trade was to be stealthy and silent she was awfully chatty.

There was no dissuading him, and so she returned to Neverwinter with yet another addition to her ever growing group.

“we’re starting to look like some sort of travelling circus!” She muttered to herself as the group headed back to City Watch Headquarters,

“No one is going to take me seriously!”

“Ah..I see you have returned, and with yet another companion,” Smiled Captain Brelaina.

“Don’t remind me,” she thought as the woman watched her with raised eyebrows.

“Anyway,” she continued, “There has been some...interesting news regarding a group of assassins that have entered the city, I want you to go to the location and take care of it.”

Maria clenched her fists and the Captain sensed her growing anger and frustration.

“Trust me, you will want to see this.”

This piqued Maria’s interest, she nodded.

“It would be my honour...Captain,” she replied stiffly.

“That’s it!” she thought, “This is the last thing I am doing for them, if they don’t let me in after this...I’ll blast my way through!”

It was not that she minded helping Neverwinter or its people; if she hadn’t cared about law and order she would have joined the thieves, What bothered her was being used for other peoples ambitions and political agendas. She was doing all the work and people still looked at her as if to say...


All she wanted was to get into Blacklake to see Aldanon, get the shards appraised and be done with it. Although she had no idea what would come after.

“We will get that that when it comes...IF it ever comes...” she smiled wryly to herself.

As they approached the location of the ‘assassins’ she detected a faint tinge of something in the air that was strangely familiar. No one else seemed to notice it so she didn’t mention it, but she continued to wrack her brain as to where she knew it from. As they entered the house the smell became stronger and suddenly it was noticed.

“Gods, what is that?” complained Neeshka wrinkling her nose, Khelgar sniffed the air.

“Smells like...sulfur, but what would that be doing in a run down dump like this?”


Maria froze as it dawned on her, she had smelt it the day West Harbour had been attacked...It had been emanating from the gith mage and his followers.

“My lady?” Casavir was looking at her concerned and she realised she had been standing stock still for nearly a minute.

“They’re here,” she whispered.



Githyanki burst into the room on the offensive and Maria finally realised what Brelaina had meant. Exterminating the creatures was bittersweet for the wizard, for every gith she killed she remembered someone from West Harbour that had been struck down in the same way, but it could never bring them back.

As they entered the final room of the dingy abandoned house they came upon a portal surrounded by githyanki and their bladeling minions. Her heart faltered for a moment, they could send never ending hordes through that gate right into Neverwinter!

As the creatures noticed them and began to snarl and hiss, the portal behind them started to ripple. A terrified gith appeared followed by a horrendous monster. It was tall, black, covered in armour and had blades sticking from it at all angles, including where one arm should have been. It cut down the gith with ease.

All Hells broke loose.

Some of the gith started attacking the monster while the rest converged on Maria and her companions. The monster hardly exerted itself as it mowed through the gith, swinging its blades and throwing the creatures left and right. The tide was turning, though a small group of stubborn githyanki still fought Maria’s friends. The monster turned to the girl, through the eyes of its helm all she was was blackness. Without having appeared to move suddenly it was beside her and she could see gaps in its armour where flesh should have been visible.

“It’s being controlled by magic!” she realised, then ducked as one of the blades came down where her head had just been.

She rolled out of the way, summoning forth a lightning spell and sending it at the creature. It shivered as though caught by an unpleasant chill, then continued to come for her. She threw everything she could think of at it, fire, ice, acid; but these things only stopped it momentarily and she was beginning to tire from her exertion. Suddenly it stopped and seemed to be groping at its back, it turned and she saw Khelgar’s axe embedded in its armour. It was then that she noticed her companions had dispatched the remaining gith and where coming to her aid.

Casavir pounded into it with his hammer sending sparks flying off its black shell and the armour was becoming molten red from all the fire bolts Qara was sending at it.

Without warning it turned and disappeared into the portal, which seconds later promptly exploded sending them all to the ground in a burst of white red light.

“Ok, everyone saw that right?” asked Khelgar, “I wasn’t imagining a giant suit of armour attacking us?”

“No, that sounds about right,” replied Neeshka, looking the worse for wear.

“What in the Nine Hells was that?” asked Qara, she had never met anything she couldn’t blow up and was slightly put out.

“Why, that was a golem,” Grobnar replied matter-of-factly.

“A golem with blades, wasn’t he magnificent? The construction...the elegance...the sheer sharpness of those blades...the work of a master craftsman indeed.”

Grobnar sounded almost wistful and the wizard stared at him dumbfounded, the gnome really perplexed her at times. She noticed the Paladin looking thoughtful.

“What is it Casavir?” she asked, curious as to what he was thinking.

“Well...I do not know who sent the golem, but it was attacking the well as us. There is a third party at work here.”

She nodded in agreement and the thought scared her.

“I think we are done here,” added the sorceress, “We should probably tell our grand order-barker what we’ve found.”

Maria took one last look at where the portal had been and a chill ran down her spine; she could tell somehow, that things were about to get very complicated.

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