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Planetouched - Chapter Ten (The Stream)

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Upon returning to the Inn Maria locked herself away in her room and refused to come out, maybe it was stupid and childish but nothing anyone could say would make her feel better.

On day two of her self imposed lock down the constant knocking on her door was driving her insane, she couldn't think for five minutes without someone asking if she was hungry or ok.

Finally she decided there was only one thing to do.

The window to her room was just wide enough for her to fit through, it faced a deserted alley behind the Flagon so she knew no one would see her. Grabbing a warm cloak she jumped out and proceeded to head for the gates of Neverwinter.

As she retreated into the forest she wondered if they would notice she was missing, she hoped they would just assume she was ignoring them and wouldn't try to break down the door. The early morning air helped her think and for the first time in days, her head didn't feel so cluttered. She walked for what felt like hours before coming upon a small stream in a nearly hidden clearing. The water looked so inviting that she couldn't resist a short dip.

Shedding her cloak and robes she stepped into the icy water, letting it caress her bruised and aching skin. As goosebumps formed on her flesh she shivered a little and revelled in the cold, now matter how freezing the water, it could not compare to how her heart felt. Memories of a stream nearly identical to this and two young girls filled her mind. She lay back in the water, letting the thoughts fills her consciousness.

“Wait for me Amie!”

A young girl with long chestnut locks laughed as she ran after her friend.

“Hurry up slow poke!”

The girl named Amie raced ahead, panting with excitement and exertion, her hair a golden fountain spraying out behind her as she ran.

“Look Ree, we made it!”

The girl Amie pointed to a small stream that was partially obscured by an embankment of trees. Ree looked thoughtfully at the water as they approached.

“What's so special about this stream?”

Amie smiled impishly and beckoned her closer.

“They say that the waters of this stream are magic!” she whispered, “And that if you make a wish while drinking or swimming it will come true!”

Ree looked at her friend in awe,


Amie nodded, eyes bright. Without warning she proceeded to undress and run towards the water,

“Last one in has to kiss Bevil Starling!”

“What?” Ree squawked before ripping off her clothes and joining her friend.

They played until well after sunset laughing and telling secrets until finally exhausted, they sat on the bank dozing.

“Amie?” Ree queried, suddenly remembering something.

“Hmm?” came the sleepy reply.

“Did you make a wish?”

“I did,” said the blond girl sitting up.

“Did you?”

Ree nodded.

“What did you wish for?”

The girl smiled shyly, “I wished that we would be friends forever and ever.”

Amie smiled at her young friend, “Oh silly, you shouldn't waste your wish on that, that's a given!”

“Amie, what did you wish for?”

Amie sighed and stretched before laying back down.

“I wished that someone would come and take me far away from here, to explore unexplored lands and find lost treasures.”

There was a smile in her voice as she said this and Ree could here the wistfulness.

“But Amie, I'd miss you.”

“I know,” came the soft reply.

Minutes passed and Ree sat up, looking at the reflection of the moon on the surface of the stream.


“Yes Ree?”


The girl hesitated.

“I- wish my father loved me.”

Amie cuddled her friend and sighed, she wished it too.

That summer Tarmas had come to West Harbour and had taken them for apprentices. If Maria had thought that there was any truth to the tales about the stream she would have gone back and wished to take Amie's place. But she could not wish this heartbreak on anyone, at least her friend was at peace now.

As she surfaced from her revelry she realised she had been crying. Her throat was hoarse and her eyes were sore, she was also shivering excessively from the cold. As she dressed and ran her fingers through her hair a rustling behind her made her snap around.

She panicked as she had not brought any weapons with her and her magic was still not recovered from saving Shandra. A familiar face caught her by surprise.


Frankly she was shocked to see him.


“-Did I come from? Same place as you obviously but if you mean in general terms I circled around from the North East.”

Suddenly she blushed and remembered the state she was in.


“-Long have I been standing here?” A knowing smile touched his lips, “Long enough.”

“That's really annoying you know,” she muttered.

She turned away, mortified.

“What are you doing here Bishop?”

“I could ask the same of you Oh fearless leader, not planning on running away are you?”

The thought had crossed her mind, but she wasn't about to tell him that.

“I just needed somewhere to think – Uninterrupted.”

She turned back to him, her arms folded.

“What would you do if I did run away, would you go back and tell them.”

He snorted, “This is me we are talking about, hells if I had thought of it, I would have suggested it myself.”

She smiled slightly.

“You know what Bishop? You might be a self absorbed, self important evil bastard-”

“I try.”

“-But we are a lot alike.”

“Ha, how do you figure that?” He seemed both surprised and intrigued by her statement.

“In the fact that we didn't choose the paths we are on, that they were forced upon us.”

His face hardened.

“Don't pretend to understand me out of some misguided though that we are alike.”

She sighed and turned back to face the water.

“Oh I wouldn't dream of it, I wasn't trying to bond or anything, just stating fact. I guess you're free to go now that you've helped get Shandra back.”

There was silence behind her and her curiosity made her turn back to face him.

“I think I'll stick around, travelling with you is the most fun i've had in years! besides, its not like I have somewhere else I need to be.”

She sighed and wondered if he had only decided to stick around because of what she had just said, so he didn't have to have anything in common with her.

“Figures...” She muttered to herself.

There was only one thing left to to...

She needed to get the whole story on the shards, and Duncan was going to tell her if she had to beat it out of him.

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