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Planetouched - Chapter Six (Saving Shandra Jerro)

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As they approached the farm the came upon the gith chasing down the terrified woman.

“What in the hells is going on?” She yelled as she ran past and into the house.

The gith that had been chasing her stopped and challenged the group but they were easily outnumbered. They saw another swarm of gith enter the house just before them and Maria was the first in the door behind them.

“Shandra!” Maria called out desperately hoping the woman was ok.

A fire ball took at the gith in her path and singed quite a few of the farmer's possessions, Maria looked at Qara but didn't have time to tell her off as they searched the house. Finally they came upon a door that was locked and Neeshka picked it easily.

“You again!” Shandra spat as they entered, “Don't come any closer!”

“There's no time to explain,” said the girl grabbing Shandra's arm, “You need to come with me right now!”

“What? I'm not going anywh-”

There was a crunching sound as a side door was ripped off its hinges and more gith came pouring in.

“Why won't you all just leave me alone?!”

Shandra shook Maria off and ran out of the room as the gith converged on them.

“Shandra wait!”

When they were finally able to follow her she was pacing in a back room running her fingers through her hair, when she saw them she held up her hands defensively.

“Stop right there! What do you want with me?”

“I'm trying to rescue you,” the girl replied exasperated, more gith would likely appear at any moment If they didn't leave now.

“What's that smell?” asked Khelgar sniffing the air, they all turned to Qara and she stared back huffily,

“Don't look at me!”

“It's the gith, they've set fire to the house! We need to get out of here quickly.”

They ran outside, Maria pulling a reluctant Shandra behind her.

“That's...That's my house! First my barn, now my house?”

“You burnt down another building when you were here last time?” asked Qara smugly, “you're worse than me!”

“Not the time Qara!” Maria snapped as an arrow whizzed past her head.

She sent out a lightning bolt, knocking the gith to the ground while Khelgar and Casavir hammered into the rest. As the farm lay strewn with carnage Shandra turned to the wizard with folded arms and angry eyes.

“So my barn and my home are both burned to the ground. Any more of your 'help' and all of Highcliff will be next to go.”

Maria blushed, she felt extremely guilty and the farmer's tone softened at the look on her face.

“I think it's best we part ways now- you go your way, I'll go mine.”

“Wait, I still need your help,” she felt very ungracious asking for Shandra's help when she had just contributed to the destruction of her livelihood, but it was the only way.

“Look, I barely know you, but what I do know is that whenever you show up – trouble's not far behind. I think it's best we say our farewells now.”

Maria could only watch helplessly as the answer to her problems retreated from her grasp.

“So what n-”

A frightened yelp cut short the inquiry and Shandra came running back towards them from behind the burnt out barn.

“Don't these guys ever give up?” asked Neeshka exasperatedly, with a flick of her wrist one of her daggers was in the creatures throat and Shandra returned to them panting.

“Thanks,” she offered through gasps of air, “Maybe I should have stuck with you after all.”

“Do you think you could trust me now?” asked Maria and immediately regretted her sarcastic tone. Shandra regarded her with a bemused expression.

“Honestly, I don't know. But I'm done running from you..for now.”

She glanced around her, as if only just realising they were still in danger.

“We really need to get out of here before more of those creatures show you know anywhere safe that we could talk?”

Maria smiled,

“I know just the place.”

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