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Planetouched - Chapter Five (The Lore and the Lady)

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As they entered the archives they realised something was wrong, the stench of sulfur and death hung in the air like a cloud. How had the gith found out what they intended to do? Had they figured it out for themselves?

Suddenly there was a crashing of pottery and an old man sweating profusely came barrelling towards them. He seemed startled at first but upon seeing they were not gith he rested against a chair and put a hand over his heart in relief.

“What's going on?” Maria asked, trying not to startle the man.

“I- I don't know,” he seemed incredibly nervous and kept glancing over his shoulder back down the hallway,

“I heard shouting and fighting and feared whatever evil had befallen the archives would find me!”

She knew the situation was dire but she needed to act fast.

“I need information on Ammon Jerro, can you help me?”

“Jerro?” he seemed a bit flustered now, and more then a little indignant.

“That information would only be contained within the Vault. Many of Neverwinter's secrets are kept there, but that is for our eyes alone.”

“More then Neverwinter is at stake here,” she pleaded, “I really need that information.”

“Very well,” he resigned, “If you swear to protect Neverwinter and its secrets, I will help you.”

“I will do as I have always done,” she replied, Neverwinter had way too many secrets in her opinion and she wanted nothing to do with them.

“Our leader speaks truly...And I echo the vow as well,” added Casavir.


She had not even thought of herself in that way and the Paladin putting it into words really threw her.

“Very well,” continued the archivist, “These marauders most likely seek entrance to the Vault as well. Here- take this.”

He handed her a piece of silk, a veil in the shape of an eyepatch just like the one he wore, Maria could feel the magic radiating from it.

“I took this off the body of one of my fellows though, I doubt it will stop the creatures. You will need it to see the door and find what you seek.”

Ever corner they turned they came upon githyanki, the creatures were tearing up books and pulling down shelves, as the group passed blue blood mixed with the chaos and carnage creating even more havoc in the halls.

“Where in the hells is the damn Vault?” Maria asked aloud after blasting yet another foe.

“Maybe if you put that eye patch thing on you'll see the door or something,” replied Neeshka as she retrieved her daggers from a dead gith.

She had totally forgotten about the veil amist the mayhem.

As she fixed it to her head the room began to glow, runes etched with silver and gold sparkled brightly at her from the walls. She found that when she approached them and ran her fingers over the lettering they changed to words she could understand.

“This way,” she beckoned to the others and lead on deep into the building.

At the very centre of the Archives a wall rose out of the floor seemingly having no purpose, unless you were wearing a veil, Maria knew there was a door there that only she could see.

“Here,” she said touching the wall where the runes converged to one, a squeak and the sound of stone grating along the floor followed as the hidden door opened.

“We have the location of Haven,” Cackled a familiar voice from inside the room, “Interesting...tehre is another Jerro, Zeearie will want her.”

He turned and looked at Maria recognising her instantly, “Get rid of this problem,” he barked to the other gith huddling in the small room.

It was the gith mage from West Harbour, the one who had killed Amie.

“Kalach-Cha! Kill them!”

As the fought the wizard wondered why they insisted on attacking her when she could cut them down with ease, it was then that she realised that the gith mage had disappeared and the attack had been a distraction. She growled in frustration as she ran to the book it had been reading and thumbed through the pages none to gently, a lot of it had been singed and ripped from the fighting but she was able to make out a name and address.

Shandra Jerro.

“Wait, Shandra as in Highcliff farm girl Shandra?” Neeshka asked disbelievingly.

The image of an uptight blonde woman covered in dirt came to Maria's mind.

“Oh, this is not good...”

“We have to get there quickly,” she said aloud, “Who knows what they intend to do with her...”

“And I will not have that on my conscience,” she added silently.

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