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The Party Did Not Move Forward

RavnSword aka Tim Lehnen
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The dwarven warrior looked over suspiciously at the grinning half-elf as they entered the foreboding caverns. HE was positively dancing as he walked! Apparently the troop of ogres they had just slain hadn't shaken him a bit. The dwarf determined to keep his eye on this one.

The party moved forward.

The high elf's lips were lifted in a sneer of disdain as he watched the malformed half-human prancing along in front of the party. He gave a snort of disgust as he deigned to ignore the pathetic half breed. He was to pre-occupied dwelling on the half-elf's inferiority to notice the fact that the half breed had passed out of the glow of their torchlight and was proceeding with no apparent difficulty through the near total darkness.

The party moved forward.

The paladin sensed that something had changed about his half-elf friend and whispered a silent prayer to support him.

The party moved forward.

Galthor of the Stoneheart tribe felt a heaviness in the air, he readied his greatsword. He suddenly noticed that the half-elf was not among them and was peering into the gloom trying to discern if the elf was a head. Suddenly a dark shape came bounding out of the blackness somersaulting over the elven archer (tweaking his snobby ear in the process) before landing, grinning, before the startled dwarf. Galthor leaned back against a pillar of stone trying to calm both his beating heart and his anger at the mischievous half-elf. He gave an uncouth commentary concerning the half-elf's stupidity and sexuality.

The half-elf's head shot round, his eyes piercing directly into those of the Barbarian. A forked tongue licked over black lips and steadily growing fangs. Red eyes flashed and he back flipped over the dwarf's incoming axe swing to land in front of the party. Slowly he raised himself up to his full height which was no well over seven feet. The barbarian stared in horror as the beast before him began lashing a tail, a tail that certainly had not been there before. The half-elf raised his head back with a resounding roar as black scaly wings sprouted from his back. He raised his now clawed hands and pointed at the barbarian.

Just as he was about to leap forward, the paladin jumped behind him and restrained him by the arms, "Calm yourself, oh friend! Remember who we are!"

The demonic half-elf ignored the paladin's heartfelt cries and kicked back with clawed foot below the human's navel. The Paladin fell back and with a snarl he leaped forward to meet the charge of the barbarian. He twisted himself aside in flight, the barbarian's greatsword striking only a glancing blow on his scales, and the slammed full force into the hapless barbarian, crushing his broken body against the stone wall behind. He turned and dealt the now charging dwarf a stunning blow across his helm, then leaped back to dodge an arrow incoming from the elf. He roared in triumph, but then from behind a sword took him through the stomach, his roar turned to one of anger. The stunned dwarf saw the opportunity and rose to his feet, stumbling forward to bury his axe in the chest of the demon. Yet even as the blood poured down from his nose and mouth, the former half-elf reached forward and caught the dwarf by the front of his armor, dragging him forward and tearing out his throat with his teeth.

And then the elf came up to him, an arrow notched, and looked at his terrible form sword still in stomach, axe still in chest, and then fired his arrow through the demon's eye.

He then turned to the sobbing Paladin, helped him to his feet, and they took up the bodies of the dwarf and the barbarian.

The Party did not move forward.

~Tim Lehnen a.k.a RavnSword a.k.a Cry Phoenix

The preceding was a true story, recounting the events of a D&D game that me and several friends were playing. It accounts the destruction of three members of the party and the end of a quest. The events were primarily guided by me with the DM only controlling dice rolls and such. It was the most memorable game of my life.

The Party Did Not Move Forward © RavnSword aka Tim Lehnen

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