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Page Three - Ascension

Rhys Kennewell
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Heynard was ready; over the past weeks he had prepared one of the many magic labs at the castle to �accommodate� the sorcerer Jodah when he arrived. Heynard knew for certain that Jodah would arrive, the loss of several familiars to the insane magi�s magic blasts had brought him the news, he would reach the castle tomorrow morning; Heynard knew that he had to be vigilant for the sake of them all.

The night passed without event, Jodah had spotted the burning torches of castle Taron, its high towers scraping the unblemished sky, he had traveled long and now he had reached the end of his journey, all that remained was a few hundred meters of hills, the coronation and a few funerals.

Heynard awoke, readied his spells, wrapped himself in a large brown unevenly woven cloak, then summoned a magical portal to the outside of the castle and proceeded stepped through, slicing through time and space in the process, arriving just in time to spot the sorcerer�s approach on the tip of the next hill. �Not much time.� Heynard�s thoughts were in turmoil, he would have to be quick to implement the first stage of his plan.

On his journey Jodah had fought three wolf packs, a rouge ogre berserker, half a clan of hobgoblins and a Jungle Avatar made from trees and moss and they had all died at his hands, but never had he seen such a stupid adversary, standing in front of him was an old man, cloaked in brown, grinning from ear to ear and smelling of the stables.

�May I shake the hand of a courageous adventurer?� The elderly bent over figure said, talking in almost a whisper, Jodah being overconfident thought him self superior to the little man and any tricks he might have, he then extended his arm in greetings, the old man grabbed his arm and before Jodah could do anything the feeble crone uttered a single word of power and he knew no more.

�Too easy.� Heynard thought as he dragged the body of the unconscious Jodah through the Magic portal.

Jodah awoke, but where had he been taken? Surveying his current location he spotted large quantities of magical apparatus attached to the walls and ceiling, getting to his feet was difficult, the magical shackles around both wrists and ankles didn�t make it any better. Jodah got upright and brushed himself off with his clasped hands, he would make them pay for his insult, they would learn to fear their soon to be emperor.

Heynard walked down a long marble corridor, stopped at a large black door and produced several keys from his belt, unlocking the door with grinding sound and a magical hum he stepped through, followed by an entourage of lesser wizards clutching books and chatting to one another.

Jodah watched the new figure as he strode through the room, blue and green robes flowing like waves across his back, he recognized that face, and it had been that face that put him there, the old man on the road.

Heynard decided to introduce him self to the caged Magi, he thought some gloating was in order, �Greetings oh powerful lord.� He said with more than a hint of sarcasm, �Has your stay so far been pleasurable? I do hope the apprentices have kept you well looked after.�

Jodah decided a proper retort was in order for the obnoxious and soon to be dead wizard, he spat at the mans face.

The spittle flew through the air, connected with the magical barrier put in place to hold the sorcerer and turned to vapor, leaving Heynard quite dry and Jodah fuming with anger.

�You do know there is no escape. You may be powerful, but in that barrier you are magically dead, no magic will get through.� Heynard stated bluntly, watching the anger well up in the sorcerer like lava from the Earth�s core.

An apprentice came up beside the senior wizard and whispered in his ear, Roth, lord of the castle and the lands beyond grew angry, roaring at the young and frightened messenger to leave he went back to his thoughts �What did Heynard think he was doing? He had brought the rouge sorcerer here and without his authority!� He would put a stop to this madness.

Jodah trapped within the barrier stared at his chest, the silver of the amulet had melted and had begun to fuse with his flesh, twinges of pain went through his spine now and again but the power it gave him was worth some suffering.

�You are an abomination� Heynard said flatly as he stalked towards the barrier and its occupant, �Your power will consume you and all of us in the end, you will be stopped.�

�You think you are so good don�t you. I will crush you all, and you feeble mage will be the first to die, do you think your petty magics can hold me!� Jodah replied with malice dripping from every syllable.

Heynard turned and begun a small incantation that decreased the space within the barrier, closing it in on Jodah� skin so that he remained in pain. �You will learn to keep your mouth shut.� Heynard said, clearing his throat he spat at Jodah, it flew through the barrier and on to his cheek, �In this place I rule remember that, now be a good doggy for the new recruit wizards, they have some experiments for you.� He then walked to the door laughing as he did, his mood changed however when moving up the corridor he was grabbed from behind and whisked away through a dimensional door by an unseen and unknown attacker.

Jodah thoughts were fuming with hatred, �You will suffer puny mageling, they will all suffer!�

He concentrated, his mind numbing the pain of the barrier; he once again expanded the aura of the amulet. �THEY WILL LEARN!� the thousand voices of the amulet screamed.

Heynard� eyes adjusted to the dark, he was back in the room with the large green obsidian table. He got up and straightened his robes �Who has brought me here!� his voice demanding but fearful. The lanterns flared and a very unhappy Roth greeted the stunned mage.

Apprentices watched in horror as the amulets power shield expanded, it shattered the magical barrier that held Jodah in to pieces of pure energy that sliced through the near by Wizards as they began to run, Jodah was not finished though, the aura suddenly blew out in all directions, a shock wave sphere of death, apprentices were thrown back to the walls where the barrier pressed their bodies in to the unforgiving stone, their bodies turning to pulp as they were squished making a sickly plop sound in the process.

Jodah stepped out through the door away from the carnage of the magi lab, he strode confidently to the throne room stopping only to blast an unlucky mage that stepped in his way.

The tower was his; the remaining magi without their leader Roth were in disarray and had submitted to the sorcerer

�Its mine all mine!� Jodah shouted with triumph, and with that he let out an evil cackle.


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