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Neverwinter Nights III

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The story takes place right after the defeat of the King of Shadows, and it focuses on Aribeth's ten year imprisonment. But when people have suddenly turned into demonic beings, Nasher looks for a hero to save them from this new threat. With no luck, Neverwinter votes on Aribeth to be their hero and their representative at the Heroes' Council.

Aribeth and the Heroes' Council must conquer this new threat arising, but Aribeth has more of a challenge then she hoped for. A rebellion in Neverwinter, traitors within the Council, and the temptations of sin from the past. This is Aribeth's chance to regain her title,and this maybe her chance to unravel the secrets which mentally tormented her, like the raid of her village, the man who saved her in the Spine of the World, and the death of her lover...

Neverwinter Nights III © Arkenlord

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