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Neverwinter Nights Anticipation

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Making what I can with the toolset beta, I'd keep creating content, but I'm out of data.

Scripting practice I do with disipline, I don't know how long I can keep this in.

Every gameplay movie makes my pulse quicken, Every screenshot and article I absorb with exhilaration.

I check e-mail every hour hoping for more the waiting is killing me, I beat my head on the floor.

One more day or hour is one to many, Possesed great patients, now I don't have any.

I must, must, must, must, must have it now If not, I may go insane or just have a cow.

A few weeks left, I keep telling myself, That Never Winter Nights will be on the shelf!

Neverwinter Nights Anticipation © MMZ>Timelord

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