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Markshire Storyteller - A Missed Adventure

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A man sits in a tavern in Gastlinyk Gate nursing a beer and dark thoughts. He had been warned off an expedition the night before by two large men, and told in no uncertain terms to return to the city.

He grits his teeth as he slams a hand into the table. Even now the group probably returns from that cave under the weight of gold. Why had he listened? His family would have been rich beyond their wildest dreams, and had no worries! No more standing watch over that blasted desert on frigid nights. No more scraping coppers together to get Allyssa a gift.

The man returns home in a foul mood. He takes out the mood on his child and wife without knowing it. He is short with them both. He is uncaring when told of the child's daily events. He sits and watches the fire, and eventually the child catches the solemn mood and plays idly on the carpet before his father's chair.

The WallA knock at the door brings heads up from reverie. A comrade from the guard steps in, a friend from the long nights on the wall, and he brings news. Slaughter. Death. Horror. They are to be part of the group to claim what remains, if they can. The lone survivor is mad with fear and panic, and will be of no help. He only brought the news. Dead. All dead. He has one hour to get ready, then they leave to pick up the pieces.

The man slumps back in his chair, mouth agape. Then he calls to his wife in the other room as he scoops his only child up and sets him on his knee. His wife joins them and together they huddle and watch the man of the house tremble and shake. He grips them both tightly in apology, not saying a word but pondering what could have been. He owes two men his life, two men he cursed but hours ago. He looks around the room, grips his family even tighter and sends a prayer their way.

Word of the white wyrm's fall spreads quickly among the caravan locals. Word gets back to the soldier as he stands atop the wall looking out over the Timeless.

He acknowledges the exciting tale of it's fall with a simple nod and stares back out at the storms raging over the desert that night. He'll find these two men someday. He'll thank them; for him, for his family.

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