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Markshire Storyteller - The Mad Red Titan (Part Two)

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Lord Mark continues, "The marshal's son charges the Titan from behind, little realizing that the misshapen Titan's head possessed eyes there. A simple cut of his blade unhorses the young man. The poor beast scattered to the wind.

"But Luke Thymes, II jumps clear of the massive charger. Like his 11-foot-tall father, he too possessed the blood of the giants. Despite his jump his massive frame is lifted clear of the horse and sent floundering nearly 100 yards. The Titan's roars of laughter echoed across the city and countryside.

The illusory titan erupts into the insane laughter of five mouths, "Aaaah-hehehe-hahah-heh-heh-heh-hehehehe!"

"The giant stops a moment and holds his massive blade in his fist with the point buried in the ground at his feet." The illusion follows Lord Mark's description and then says, "HA HA-HA, HA-HA. What little man is this? Who DARES to challenge Gastlinyk!"

Lord Mark jumps a bit as the titan speaks and then resumes the tale, "Luke stood up slowly. Pulling his blade from the saddle near him he stepped forward defiantly."

Luke Thymes II The miniature version of Luke steps to stand directly in the Titan's path and shouts up to the Red Giant, "The Paladin, known as Luke Thymes II, stands before you monster. Blessed of Tyr. Grandson of Thrym himself."

Allox turns from watching the miniatures and says, "Poor Luke only came to the monster's shin and the giant laughed at him."

Undaunted the miniature Luke stares into the many eyes of the illusory Titan then says, "I challenge you, but you will not give fair combat. I have seen your ways."

Once again Lord Mark takes back the narrative from the illusion, "The titan only chuckled at him from his many throats. As the bits of out-of-sync laughter fade away the giant raises his free hand and points at the little man before him."

The giant matches Lord Mark's words with actions and a beam of light erupts from him and sends Luke flying. The giant's front mouth agrees with him, "Too true blessed of Tyr."

The miniature grandson of Thrym lay there a moment and then stood once more. Doubt crossed the face in the illusion.


Lord Mark continues, "The Titan's expression was guarded but all could hear his reply, 'As you wish little man.' The night came and went, the titan did not move and neither did the paladin. The sun rose and the first light fell upon Luke and blinded the Titan.

"Luke's back was to the rising sun and it blinded the Titan a moment and the monster lost track of him."

From within the glare swept field in the illusion came Luke's voice, "FOLLOW ME MAD TITAN OUR VENUE IS FAR FROM HERE!" and as the light subsided Luke could be seen standing in the stirrups of a huge charger. "COME!" he shouted and off he rode.

The tiny charger and Luke in the illusion galloped down the middle of the table as the titan gave chase.

Lord Mark watched the two rush across the table top, "Untiring the charger rode on. The titan, too, felt no fatigue."

The illusion draws back from the two in their travels and zooms across fields to the city again. The tiny form of Lord Hanse Mark could be seen running from his tower and into the great hall of the castle.

Allox watches his father in the illusion as he speaks, "Lord Mark rushed from his tower and called forth the High Council of Mages.

The tiny Lord Mark called to the assembled mages, "Luke's son has bought us time. Tyr and Odin guide him now. For I doubt anyone saw the steed for what it was. Odin's very own ... proud Sleipnir! They will run until we are ready."

The current Lord Mark steps through the illusion dispersing it, "It was then that the High Priest of Tyr burst into the council chambers."

A new illusion forms at real size at the foot of the long table. The image of the High Priest strides with haste to the other end of the table and turns to the current Lord Mark as if he is Hanse Mark, "My Lord!" Wheezing the priest recounts his startling dream, "A door. No a gate. Nearly 100 feet high. Dwarves clamored over it. Priests chanted around it. A plan."

Lord Mark turns from the illusory priest as if he were truly his father and address the table as if they are his councilors, "A seal. But where to trap him?"

The chairs are now populated twice over, an illusionary councilor and the listeners to the story. Maps are laid on the table. Scholars are called for and consulted.

"The wizards drew together and summoned supplies," continued Lord Mark as the illusions matched his words. "The courtyard was filled with robes of scintillating colors. Every order had come forth. The job seemed immense. That very night the teleportations began."

The wizards in the courtyard of the illusion began to wink out with the gear nearest them only to return moments later alone.

"The wizards took shifts. In the morning the courtyard was clear."

"Meanwhile," Lord Mark turned around to face the other end of the knoll, "Poor Luke rode. Followed unerringly by a juggernaut. Day turned to night. Night turned to day. And so on.

The magical charger sailed on. The Titan following near mindless. Swinging his mighty sword again and again."

Several times the Giant chases the galloping pair around the knoll in Verdan Park and the table of listeners watch him circle.

Lord Mark also turns to follow the antics of the illusion, "It was on the fourth such day that he passed a farm. Standing on the roof of thatch was a small child. The child was just standing there."

Many heads at the table look up in surprise at the mention of a child.

Lord Mark continues on, "Luke leapt from Sleipnir's back and rolled toward the farmhouse and the giant roared in triumph. His swing misses the running paladin but cleaves through the side of the farmhouse."

A farmhouse had appeared as he spoke and disappeared in an explosion of debris as the massive sword sweeps through it.

Watching the illusion Allox continues, "Luke undaunted ... leapt toward the child crashing through the falling thatch. The titan's blade caused the house to flare up and fire erupted all around him."

The knoll explodes into flames everywhere and it becomes hard to see the figure of the paladin.

Allox shields his face from the flash of the flames and pronounced, "Luke could not see the Titan but he did chance upon the child. The small boy was crushed upon the oven under a beam."

Sar Khan jumps up from his chair and hollers, "WHAT!!"

to be continued ...

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