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Journey of A Lifetime - The Journey Begins (Chapter One)

Simeron Steelhammer (Benjamin La Count)
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Aljanon sat near the warm hearth of his room in Warhammer Hall. The flames danced within the ancient fireplace, casting strange shadows on the walls about him. He was busy writing down his latest adventures in his journal when a knock on his door brought him from his work.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"It me Aljanon, Simeron." A deep, dwarven voice replied. "May I enter?"

With a wave of his hand, Terra, his pet earth elemental, moved to the door and released the latch. She returned dutifully to his side as Simeron stepped inside.

"I need to speak to you of a matter of some import." the old dwarf said as he sat down on a sturdy chair. "I brought some honey mead and cinnamon for me and some mixed fruit juice for you. I know how you never touch the good stuff."

"Alcohol clouds the mind and the last thing a magician needs is to have clouded wits my friend." Aljanon replied back as he reached for the bottle of fresh juice. "But, what thing brings you to seek me at this hour of the night?"

"Well, we have had several requests for help over and above our daily patrols about the castle and our weekly Overwatch. One of these requests comes from King Wintergreen himself. With Malpus away with his strike team, I thought perhaps you would go and see what the matter is. If you can handle it, fine. If not, return to me here and I will gather enough Warhammers to do the job. Might take a bit of time though, we are spread pretty thin right now." frowned the dwarf.

"Sounds like an easy task. I'll leave tomorrow. Hozzle is not that far away, maybe a couple days run. And who knows, maybe I will get to find some Ogres or Orcs to kill along the way. Moradin knows there are plentiful "

Simeron gave a chuckle. "I can remember when you were terrified of them ogres and orcs my friend. Though I admit that has been just a few seasons past."

Aljanon smiled back with that impish gnome smile. "Just a few indeed. Now it is them that fear me and Terra. And with good reason."

"Aye tis true enough." Simeron replied as he finished his drink. "Well, I have other matters to attend to my friend. I bid you good night and safe travels on the morrow."

Aljanon watched his old friend go out the door. It seemed to him he walked slower these days and had more gray in his beard. His armor, while still better then most people in Argyle, seemed not to shine as brightly. He knew the old dwarf had been carrying quite a load for some time now taking care of "his" Warhammers. It was comforting to know he felt that way but, Aljanon did wish Simeron would take a break. But, he would never tell him so, for it would be a waste of time entirely. So, he turned back to scribing in his journal. Once he finished, he covered the lightglobe, climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.

Little did he know how important his next adventure would be.


Journey of a Lifetime - Chapter 1: The Journey Begins © Simeron Steelhammer (Benjamin La Count)

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