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If Things Had Been Different

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Chapter 1: Reyne Returns From The Source Stone

Reyne emerges from the Source Stone a bare instant before it shatters. The blast throws his tired, battered body across the chamber. His unprotected head strikes firmly against the unforgiving stone wall, and he lands on the cold floor with a confused clatter.

Reyne lies there, stunned and disoriented, struggling to retain consciousness. He finally climbs drunkenly to his feet, his limbs barely responding to his dazed commands. Blurry figures run toward him. "More enemies?", he wonders.

They're waving their arms and shouting at him, but he can't understand what they're saying. Then he feels a presence, touching his mind from within, hissing at him. "Morag!", his frazzled mind cries desperately. He has lost, after all.

Reyne stumbles around, trying to find where the Queen is hiding. He tries to draw his sword, but cannot. "Peaccce. Be at eassse," the voice hisses. Haedraline, not Morag.

Haedraline speaks, "You have proven yourssself strong, *hiss* but your mind is badly damaged, much like the Sssource Stone. *hiss* I will help you while I ssstill can, to pull thessse bits and piecesss together."

Reyne feels a wave of gratitude, remembering that Haedraline has helped him so much, and is helping him again.

Her presence whispers back to him, "You are mossst welcome, Champion." She begins to repair the damage done by Morag, the Source Stone itself, and the severe blow to his head.

The outside voices still shout, but Reyne ignores them. He can't make them out anyway, and is unwilling to face them yet. His mind flickers. "The Archaeologists". Yes. That is who they must be.

Haedraline finishes her work and speaks again, "I have done all I can. *hiss* The ressst is up to you."

Reyne sends her a thought, "Will you be all right?"

Reyne can almost see Haedraline smile, if that were possible. "Our time isss done. It isss your time now. *hiss* No, do not grieve for me", she says, intercepting his next thought. "I did what I had to. As did you."

Reyne tries to do as she asked, the noble lizard woman deserving that much. Haedraline speaks one last time, "Now go. You are ssstill needed. *hiss* The Fallen One..."

Reyne's mind flickers again. "Aribeth?"

Haedraline continues, "Yesss. She needs you. And you need her. *hiss* Perhapsss, if you are lucky, you may yet earn your heart'sss desire".

Reyne feels her presence fading. He reaches inward, to thank her again, or because he feels he has to try to do something for her, after all she has done. Haedraline, the unacknowledged hero. But she is gone, gone from Faerun forever. So Reyne whispers in his mind, "Goodbye, my friend."

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