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Helios Sunforge - First Dwarf Neophyte of Pelor

Thule Dragonsbane
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In the lower ranges near the mountains of Argon, a small clan of dwarves mined a mineral poor series of natural caverns. Once, many generations ago, the range offered a rich vein of iron and copper. Recently, the few remaining dwarves, mostly the immediate family of the most stalwart and stubborn of the oldest dwarves, Bengin Ironsinger, had been relying upon trade with a more prosperous Gnome village, repairing or crafting the many innovative (though often malfunctioning) wonders of the gnome inventors.

A great celebration was held when the youngest son of Bengin and his wife gave birth to a healthy young lad. This boy, named Halbrek, was adventurous from the start. Though it was not uncommon to find him wandering abandoned shafts or deeper caverns, he was more often found wandering amongst the neighboring fields or playing with the gnome children. While dwarf children are allowed as much play as they desire, prior to a more stolid adulthood, Bengin was often furious to see a dwarfkin playing in the sun, long enough to darken his skin!

As Halbrek grew, the situation worsened rather than improved (in Bengin�s eyes). Halbrek became enamored with the outdoors and began to take up the annoying habit of taking things apart instead of putting them together. As a last straw, Halbrek found a young halfling traveler, and he invited the annoying twerp into his home.

Bengin demanded that Halbrek choose his life in the caves, behaving in the more stoic fashion befitting his station in life, or leave the clan, forever banished to rid the merriment and affection towards the more frivolous races from the cave of clan Ironsinger. Halbrek slept uneasily that night, the decision weighing heavily on his young mind. He loved his mother and father, even that stodgy old Bengin, but to feel the warmth of the sun upon his face and to smell the fragrance of the flowers brought a strange joy to his heart.

He smiled, recalling the antics of the halfling and the giggles of the gnomes who seemed to have a firmer grasp on enjoying life. Halbrek awoke the next morning to a sharp poke in the ribs. It was Bengin, Halbrek overslept having not rested well and the entire clan was gathered in the overly large conference room.

Bengin extolled the virtues of hard labor, the smell of iron ore and the well-earned pleasures of a long draft of ale. He then posed the question to Hlabrek. Halbrek explained that he enjoyed the other races and while he had gained early prowess in the fighting arts and was skilled in smithing and mining, he also loved nature and laughter and play. Bengin turned red as the forge and nearly as hot. Halbrek was banished from the Ironsinger mines until such time as he saw fit to behave like a dwarf.

The clan dispersed and Halbrek was sent to his room to collect his meager belongings and be sent off. His father, much of the same cut as Bengin, walked in and told Halbrek, �if ye got brass enough to stand before my father and shun a dwarf�s life, then you no need for Ironsinger steel.� Halbrek was to be sent off with no equipment mined from the Ironsinger mines.

He plodded towards the cavern opening, the day overcast, as if the sun itself was ashamed of his choice, a dwarf rebuking a miner�s life, when his mother, who had walked with him, pulled him aside and said, �take my dagger son and my helm. It is little but will protect you on your way, and here is a few gold. Spend it wisely and hurry home when you have found and seen all that you must.�

Halbrek left, though not dry-eyed. He left knowing the love of his mother, as any child should. Halbrek soon fell in with the halfling Pell, whose presence had sparked Bengin to such wrath. Together, the two traveled near and far, living off the land and spending the gold and silver that Pell always seem to be able to �find� in the cities and from travelers.

Halbrek loved the feel of the sun and mentioned it frequently to Pell. One night, after securing lodging in a tavern, Halbrek fell asleep, more of a drunken stupor actually. Pell, full of ale himself, thought it very funny to shave Halbrek�s beard and head completely, even his eyebrows.

Well, the next morning, Halbrek nearly died from embarrassment and Pell nearly died from the wrath of Halbrek�s fury. It was only the intervention of the tavern keeper tossing the two out because of the noise that Pell�s life was saved.

Trudging out of town, Halbrek noticed that the sun felt extremely close and warm upon his newly bared skin and decided from that point on to remain clean shaven. He and Pell noticed a small temple with an icon of the sun upon its door and Halbrek went in to inquire. He discovered the church of Pelor and became a cleric of Pelor that day. Pell was not one to remain in one place so he soon left, hoping that Halbrek would return to his wandering ways, but it was not to be so as Halbrek became enamored with the sun and Pelor.

Halbrek�s talents were useful to the church as the smith was old and losing his vision. Halbrek found ready acceptance as the first dwarf neophyte of Pelor. He was inducted into the order and given the name Helios Sunforge, favored of Pelor.

Word spread of his talent as a smith and the church began to receive orders from merchants and townsfolk for Helios� wares, so they set up a shop at the town square and Helios provided much for the temple. His devotion was also an inspiration to many as he was a true believer and follower of Pelor.

Helios was kind and retained his love of family. His only regret was not being able to see his clan, especially his mother. There was a kind woman that would talk to Helios after he befriended her with some simple repairs. She was swollen with child and soon to give birth. When Helios heard of her birth of a baby boy named Eric, he presented her with a gift of a mobile, which hung over the crib, providing flashes of lights and soft chimes to entertain the child.

The mother appeared before Helios several months after the birth of the boy Eric, frantic. He had been stolen from the crib and his whereabouts were unknown. Helios presented the woman�s plight to the temple elders and the next day, his quest began. He went forth into the wilds to discover what misfortune had befallen the infant lad.


Helios Sunforge, first dwarf neophyte of Pelor © Thule Dragonsbane

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