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Gurt - Entertainment Tonight!

Daniel Fowler
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"You can't take that in here", Gurt stooped to peer at the man behind the counter at the entrance to the Black Hog Inn "No weapons allowed! Leave it here like everyone else and you'll get it back when you leave." Gurt hesitated, he hadn't planed on this, he hadn't planed at all.

For the past week Gurt had been living under the generosity of an old farmer, the old man had fed and aided Gurt during his recuperation from a previous quest. Gurt had helped out whenever he could, but after hearing of the farmers kidnapped daughter, had promised to find and free her.

Now he stood in front of the Inn, It had the familiar smell of corruption and suffering. Gurt wondered if he should just rush in with sword drawn and. but that had got him in trouble before. he wished one of his smarter friends was here to make all the tough decisions. "Hey! Baldy, give up the sword or get out of here!!" The bouncer was losing patience. Gurt handed him Twilight, his sword and watched the man struggle to lift it onto the counter behind. Once he was in the Inn, Gurt was sure it had been a mistake. There were many guards, with batons of heavy oak. Meat was being served to a large party of loud, fat men, two townsfolk brawled in a circular fighting pit, and a game of dice raged in the far corner. Gurt sat down on the sturdier looking of the chairs at an empty table and was served by a woman, with the marks of a slave. "You Sarah Goodfella?" "Sarah was locked up for biting the boss, If you want her, you got to speak with that man over there," the waitress pointed to one of the men rolling the dice. "He the boss?" "That's him", Gurt tipped her for the ale and made his way to the table, were the men were crying for luck.

"What's your business with here orc?" a large man had intercepted Gurt and stud between him and the dice table. "I'm here for a friend" Gurt said knowing now that he had the attention of the guards. "Your kind ain't got no friends here, why don't you just leave?" three men now stood behind the guard now.

Having no sword, Gurt tried to think of the right thing to say, he failed quickly, and landed a punch in the mans jaw instead. The building was quiet while the man fell, but erupted into a full brawl by the time he hit the ground. Someone jumped onto Gurt's back and warped his arm around Gurt's neck. Gurt lunged into the air and brought his back to the floor with a large thud. The man laying unconscience under Gurt had a baton in hand, so Gurt took it and bashed the next two guards.

In the chaos of the brawl, Gurt mad his way to the "boss" and slammed him onto the dice table "Were is Shar." The large man that had stopped Gurt earlier now tackled him with great force, and the two large men rolled into the booth that housed all the weapons taken at the door. Gurt grabbed twilight out of a pile, and parried an axe swing from the bouncer, then he delivered a hard kick to the man's nee, sending him to the ground in pain.

Now armed Gurt rushed to the Inn owner, who promptly ducked into a back room. The door gave to a good kick and Gurt entered the holding area for the slaves. The terrified Innkeeper ran with all his pudgy might down the hallway and through another door. Gurt took the time to free the inmates of the five cells, one of them was the old mans daughter, and Gurt told here to wait at the stables outside the inn.

When Gurt walked through the next door, he found himself in the loading area for an arena, to the left was the room that would belong to the slave master, and through the arena, bast a gate was a cell for holding wild animals.

The slave master burst from his room in a full suit of very mean looking plate, "You just ran out of luck boy." Burning with anger at the familiar site of a slaver, Gurt brought his sword down and through the screaming mans helmet, his attempt at parrying had only caused his own axe to slice into his gut.

Gurt found the Innkeeper under some pillows in the slave master's room, the main quickly promised Gurt all he owned. But Gurt was now angry and tired. With a loud pop the mans legs were broken and he was left in the arena, just in reach of the foul creature that had been waiting all day for its chance to eat.

The Farmer was overjoyed to see his daughter again, and begged to reward Gurt, but after a good meal, Gurt left, not wanting to bring trouble on to his new friends.


Gurt - Entertainment Tonight! © Daniel Fowler

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