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Daniel Fowler
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Being of half-orc descent, Gurt is a man of gigantic proportions. He lived in a humble human village in a darker region of the sword coast. No one knew who his parents were, and until the age of 15 Gurt was treated as a normal, somewhat slow-witted human child. But when his orc bloodline became apparent he was banished into the wilderness.

Gurt found he had an innate ability to survive in even the treacherous woodlands of his homeland. Never the less, because of his lack of cunning he quickly found himself in a slaver camp. He spent many years mining ores and gems. Through this hard labor his orc heritage shone in his massively built body.

When his slaver noticed this he immediately sent Gurt off to his gnome friend named Thistle, the owner of a fighting pit that is now in ruin. Gurt refused to fight other slaves, and when seeing him most also refused. This lead to many escape attempts, the most famous of which was when Gurt threw 8 of his opponents out of the pit in a mock battle, all but 3 escaped. This and the fact that Gurt wore out two cell doors infuriated Thistle. Most of the time Thistle had to control Gurt himself using his powerful magic. One day Gurt was put in the ring unarmed with a troll to die. Having no way of killing the troll Gurt wrestled with it for several hours. The crowd cheered as Gurt, being an even mach for the troll in strength pointlessly maimed it, while at the same time received much more lasting wounds. Near the end of half an hour, Gurt was losing, much to the glee of Thistle. Then suddenly they locked eyes, slaver to slave and Gurt went into a barbaric rage tumbling the troll and crushing its head with a massive stomp. In this brief pause in the fight Thistle was told by his accountant that they were making unheard of profit from this fight. Indeed, the crowd was roaring in excitement and amazement. Not wanting to lose this attraction the gnome immediately produced a small dagger and gave it a simple fire enchantment. He tossed it down to Gurt who quickly finished the beast and then collapsed.

After his recuperation, Gurt was made to fight many more exotic monsters and was even given powerful equipment. But with this rare gear he faced monsters that were more and more terrifying. Once Gurt refused to fight and was nearly killed, but having anticipated this Thistle released a small child into the ring. Gurt now had to defend the poor child. Horrified at the cruelty of his jailer Gurt rammed his now all metal cell that night with rage. Eventually he rammed to hard and was knocked out. This had happened many times before so at first his captors didn't panic, but he didn't wake up and Thistle was called to heal him. The gnome cast a powerful restore spell and was immediately picked up and slammed across one of his guards by the enraged and now very much awake Gurt.

That night Gurt released all the slaves and they killed every slaver in the camp. Gurt now bears his slave scares and tattoo with pride, saying "They can whip me, but they never whip me. Errr. I mean they can beat me but they never beat me.. no no. Hmmm. well you know what I mean!"

In recent years Gurt has become a skilled and mighty warrior of good. He is not well known by common people, but any villain fortunate enough to survive an encounter with him will remember his name until death. Also, Gurt's past, and wild nature make him somewhat unpredictable, and dangerous in the eyes of some governing groups. Despite his disregard for law and social educate Gurt always strives for goodness and honor, though he has been tricked into bad situations before, he has always gotten even.

Gurt can now travels the land usually in the company of adventures, that need his strength are willing to overlook his slow wit, and forgive his mistakes. Gurt's large stature and lack of sedulity makes him easy to find in any crowd, and he is always willing to help a good cause. Though he is dumb, he is also weary of Gnomes and magic users. Through past blunders he has also learned to usually tell the needy from the manipulating, though a cunning story of misfortune can sometimes get the better of his righteous beliefs


Gurt © Daniel Fowler

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