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A Gaming Story

Craig Watson aka MonkeyDruid
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......So there Angus McFarlene was chopping down trees with his Father, Woodsman by trade Angus' Muscular arms swung the axe into the tree, As the Axe impacted with the tree a Scream sounded in the Distance. It was a Male scream.

After exchanging looks with his Father.....Angus ripped the Axe from the Tree and Sprinted after the Older Woodsman who was already running at his fastest to the South.

The Scream had come from the Direction of a Neigbouring Woodsmans home, it was almost Unhuman and Angus could not belive that it could come from a Seasoned Woodsman.

As the pair neared the Woodsmans Cabin they could smell cooking Meat on the air, This was nothing unusual as they often Roasted game animals over a Firepit.

Then they were in sight of the Cabin.......Angus' keen eyes were the first to notice the Woodsmans corpse Nailed to the wall of his Cabin. Then they both noticed his Wife and child hanging from a nearby tree.........Burning.

Then a figure rose up from the Ground, the Pair of woodsmen had not noticed the Black garbed figure who had been sitting very still. And now he stood.....Very still.

" DID YOU DO THIS ! " Shouted Angus' father Kirk McFarlene.

Angus felt sick....He could barely keep his legs from giving way beneath him, He could not take his eyes away from the Black Figure......Standing still, so very still.

Then Kirk hefted his axe to his shoulder, then started toward the Black Figure. Angus thought he saw the Figure move slightly.......He heard his Father choking and looked over in time to see him fall to his knees trying to pull free One of the black handled blades from his neck.........Then Angus was alone.

Angus' Head span around for a moment then he looked back to the Figure who was now advancing quickly towards him. Angus backed away, He cursed to himself for having left his longbow at his home as he quickly picked up a rock from the ground, He steadied himself......And threw the rock at the Murderer.

He could only watch as the rock sailed past the head of the intended target, then he turned and ran.

He felt something hit him in the back and he fell flat on his face.....He thought the Man had thrown the rock back at first, but then remembered the Black handled knife in his Fathers neck.....And the Blood.

"Father..." Angus whispered as he drifted into darkness.


Angus' eyes flared open with pain as he tried to Sit up. The memory of his Fathers murder returning........He heard a voice as he fell back into the Darkness.

"You are all right.....Just rest now, that's a good boy." It was his mothers voice..............

Then a Year later Angus left to track this Dark Ranger down, with the help of a Bounty hunter he knew.


Well that is pretty much from memory.......From a Short Session between me and THE BEST DM IN THE WORLD - KEVIN WILSON (no not Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson).

We used to work in a factory together and this session began as we walked home from work.......No pens, paper, Dice, Cola. In fact for the part when Angus chucked the rock at the Dark Ranger we used Paper, Scissors, stone. I lost.

I actually felt Adrenaline running though my veins as Angus tried to get away, That is some good DM'ing!!!!!! Eh?

Well .....Angus was saved by a passing Patrol who noticed the Smoke from the Bodies, but they never saw a 'Dark Ranger'. And a few years after this event Angus died horribly (Fell into a Pit trap...With big spikes!) Whilst chasing a Dark Elf Assassin though a Forest. Silly mistake really.

But he did get his revenge......He got the Dark Ranger (who just happened to be a Demon warrior of Khorne who wanted to destroy Middenheim!!!)

Craig Watson - A.K.A MonkeyDruid

A Gaming Story © Craig Watson aka MonkeyDruid

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