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The Fallen Leaf - Chapter Two

Stefan "Axel" Axelsson
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Now, let's go somewhere else, shall we? Oh! I know! Let's go to the other side of the world!

"Trees, trees and trees. There be goddamned trees everywhere! To the south there are trees. To the north there are trees. To the west and the east there are trees. Lots of trees. There be pinetrees, oaks, maples, and who knows what other kinds. I hate them trees and forests!"

"Of all places in the world, they had to hide here... We could have hidden ourselves up in the mountains; we could have hidden ourselves by the sea, or even underground. But nay! We had to go hide in a forest, of all possible places! The forest is full of animals and plants and pinecotts and durned trees!"

"And now, we seem to be lost! Lost! Damn the elves fer the forests!"

The dwarf was walking at the back of the group, muttering things like this to himself. You could tell at once that he was not comfortable being in a forest. One of the two others turned around to check if the dwarf was still with them, which of course was unnecessary since you could here the dwarf a mile from there.

"Try to keep silent, dwarven friend, we do not want to attract someone's attention."

"Try to enjoy the beautiful nature!"

"Beautiful nature...Pffft...That's a good one. Did nay think ye had any humor at all!" the dwarf bellowed.

The elves glanced at him, apparently tired of the discussion. The turned around and stayed silent. The dwarf was relieved. Besides being in a forest, he had to endure, maybe hours of, travelling with these elves! And they weren't the resonable kind. These two particular elves loved the forest.

The day grew long, and the small group decided that they better find shelter for the night. They found a small cave, which thankfully was not inhabitated.

The dwarf decided to take the first watch, and as the two elves lay sleeping, he sat by the entrance to the cave, dreaming about past times.

He used to be a stonemason, before the war came. He was rather good at it, one of the best in town, actually. In the beginning of the war, he abandoned his job, leaving town right before it was invaded. This was at the beginning of spring, if I remember correctly. He travelled to the capitol, Edelheim, and became a freelancing mercenary.

He discovered that being a mercenary wasn't as bad as they'd said back in his hometown. He was a naturally strong fellow, and excelled in his profession.

Sadly, Edelheim was invaded at the start of summer, but luck was with him, because he managed to escape, together with these two elves.

They fled south, into the woods, where supposedly a sect of druids and rangers live.

And here they were. They'd been walking straight towards the heart of the forest, but they hadn't seen any trace of druids or rangers. The elves had gotten them of track at one point, and they hadn't found the path again.

After a while, the dwarf quietly tucked in, in the middle of his watch. He didn't notice the dark figures sneaking into the cave.


The Fallen Leaf - Chapter 2 © Stefan "Axel" Axelsson

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