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The Fallen Leaf - Chapter One

Stefan "Axel" Axelsson
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There is a leaf. There are many leaves, but this one is special. Just before it was going to hit the ground, a wind gust came. The leaf is taken high up in the air, and below the leaf you can see a forest. It is not just a couple of trees growing near each other, it is a really large wood, like the ones that used to be on earth before man came. This particular forest is not what you would call your average forest. It is a really old and magical forest. It gives an impression of grace, and it could have been standing there since the great winds that shaped the earth first came. It is night, and all over the forest there is peace, and quiet. Even the trees seems to be sleeping?.but wait! I almost forgot! If we had been on the other side of the forest, we might have heard groans and curses. Let's go to the other side, shall we?

"Stop complaining, bear! You've had your food already!" The great bear, who I'm sure you would have laughed at if you would have seen it, sitting on a tree trunk, looked at it's master, understanding the attitude of his voice, lowered it's big head.

"Go to sleep bear! We have a long walk ahead of us tomorrow, and if we are to make it to the next farm by tomorrow, you have to sleep! Otherwise we'll end up as the last time! I don't want to have to carry you again! My back still hurts! You understand? Don't look like that! Look, I am not talking about food!"

The bear growled silently, but it knew that there was no point in arguing with it's angry master. Slowly, the bear went to sleep.

The druid sat by the fire watching it for while. Something was amiss in the world. The sky was growing darker, even though summer was supposed to be on it's way. This day, when the druid and his bear had encountered a group of reindeers, the reindeers had been afraid of something. He had sensed their fear, but he did not no what they were afraid of. One thing was for certain though. Darkness was coming.


The Fallen Leaf - Chapter 1 © Stefan "Axel" Axelsson

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