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Drums from the Deep

Over My Head
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Drums from the deepest breaches

Heard above shivering, aching

Those that hear, lingered by it

Feeling the drums, unknowing

What is aroused by this presence

Which absence is disturbed?

Drum Drum Drum

Vibrating, palpitating hearts

Courage lost its name of action

And the use turns awry

Shrieks reach the lone adventurers,

Corner by corner, as being watched

Uncertain, shivered by what horror

What evil may come

Drum Drum Drum

An asphyxiating dense of clamor

Distinguished, drawing nearer

Backs against one an other

Drum Drum Drum

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide

Evil is on its way,

It is coming!

Drums from the Deep © Over My Head

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