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A Dream Under Moonlight

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In the autumn of the cycle of the year, alone, a maiden descended into the dark and lonely realms beneath those we know.

Into this Hades, her journey did embark!

More lovely a creature there never was, just a child was she yet strong of will and beautiful of face, her eyes bright.

Alive was her heart, with every thrill!

Dreams of hidden kingdoms, in her head, within the spaces not hither nor yonder she saw the halls of the Mirthless King.

She stopped not, to her fate so ponder!

Unafraid, she felt no breath of fear... There she sang a song passing celestial with the voice of an angel in the snow.

Within it was a power lofty, primordial!

Miraculous was this, if only because... This moved the King to weep many a sad tear, for it reminded him of starlight.

Though for this the gods called him mad!

Starlight, in this land of the dead... He came forth, and begged the girl well to dwell with him, and forever to sing.

Imagine him so moved, this King of Hell!

Mirthless King:

"Come away with me, oh child of Heaven, and let these glooms be thusly cheered; Hurry, before the bell tolls eleven..."

By her hand she was, ever west, steered!

Singing Child:

"I am following your voice oh sad Lord, as it moves me to sing a mournful tune; I will sing again, I give you my word."

And she entered a night, lit by no moon!

Mirthless King:

"Without any joy have I been for ages, now with you upon my knee let me laugh; your song delights, and never enrages."

In that moment, he was set upon a path!

Singing Child:

"Listen well, and it will set you free, from care infernal your soul refreshed; Take me to your heart, from your knee."

Heeding, he clutched her to his breast!

Together they danced a waltz profound; it's music echoing beneath the ground.

She twirled with grace around his feet, counter the clock to an unheard beat...

The child angelic, the lord demonic, their voices singing a melody harmonic!

Whilst all about them lords and ladies, though pale undead, joined the dance. Whilst all about them fauns and faerie, though unseen, joined in their prance.

At the last, the music ceased and all, who waltzed, fell weary unto the floor. Never had Hades seen so lovely a ball, and it's King in his soul wanted more. His dear bard he held to his heartbeat, thumping like a drum in her small ears. It's music lulled her soon fast asleep, and she felt she could sleep for years.

His kiss awoke her so suddenly, behold! A woman was she, of twenty winters old.

Mirthless (Mirthful) King:

"Now I can love you, lawfully and dear! So sing for me my darling; let me hear."

Singing Child (Now Woman):

"This was my dream... to be your bride! Now in childish dreams, I'll not hide."

And they danced once more until loudly,

the clock struck twelve as meant to be! The woman felt faint and darkness came; she was warned, none could feel blame.

Awakening, she was yet singing proudly, when her mother and father came to see.

The little girl's eyes intent as flame, seemed timid, and full of secret shame.

Child (No Longer Singing):

"Mommy is it wrong to dream of a love, which I am too young to so comprehend? My heart is heavy, my breath so fast!"

Child's Mother:

"Everyone comprehends true love, dove! And with maturity we hope it will mend, what we miss, when gone are joys past."

Child's Father:

"You are almost a lady, young princess; and it's the stirring of love's bloom, which is upon you, causing confusion."

Child (No Longer Singing):

"Say not so, but rather, so priceless! Let me dream just a bit; see the moon? Sometimes truth's cover is illusion."

--- "To sleep, perchance to dream!" Hamlet, William Shakespeare

A Dream under Moonlight © Chaos_Theocrat

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