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Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter One (Part Two)

Derek 'Droz' Guiliano
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The look of his face, the color of his hair, the red of his eyes were all more than enough to cause Ilana to cry and wish there was a way out of her predicament. If the Gods still existed, she would pray to them for help, but she knew she would not get any help from there. Even finding a Cleric was rare enough, much less an avenger of good, a Paladin. But Ilana knew her fate was decided now. She was to become a slave to this horrible, fat, disgusting man.

It had been two years since the horrible events that befell her and her parents, and she knew she was coming of age. At a mere 12 years old, she has been a slave for more than 4 years now. Not a day has gone by without her thinking of some way she can ride herself of this fate that has been chosen somehow for her. For those 4 years she has had to endure constant beatings and mental abuse from her 'masters'. Today is no different than any of the others. She helps tend to the horses and cows, and is constantly ridiculed by the human females of the house, all her own age, because of her ugliness. And again, like every other day, she looks upon them not in disgust, but complete jealousy, cause she knows that if she were a beautiful human female like they were, she would not be stuck in this situation.

'Ilana, get to work. Lest you receive another beating today for being insolent, child. Why can't you just work like the rest of us and do it without question, instead of always trying the patience of our master. Are the bruises all over your arms and back not enough to tell you that they mean business around here?' The old ogre looked at her with more concern than anything else.

'Yes, yes Lorinaa. I know what you are saying, but isn't there a day that goes by where you wonder what it would like to be free again?' Ilana looked back at Lorinaa with a solemn look on her face.

'My dear, I have been a slave for so long to Master Omlor that I wouldn't know what to do with myself were I to be freed. I gather I would just look for work as a maid or something.'

'Oh Lorinaa, if only I were free. The only thing I wish to do is to but travel and fulfill my father's last words to me before he died. I will one day make it to the City of Illishire. And from there, my fate will know it's true meaning. What that is exactly, I don't know. All I know is something calls me to that city.'

'Then keep wishing young one. It's going to take an act of chivalry to get us....'

The ground began to shake from explosions heard from the main house. Lorinaa and Ilana went outside the barn to see what was going on. The house was under attack by brigands. Fires erupted from atop several huts, and the walls of the house were all but destroyed. The scene was horrible, and suddenly Ilana saw it. As if some type of calling or fate, she saw the insignia upon the arm of one of the brigands attacking the house. It was the same as those who attacked her and her family those 4 years ago.

As if suddenly enraged by a demon, Ilana picked up a pitchfork and ran as fast as she could at the brigand. With pitchfork raised, she thrust it into his back, screaming a loud battle cry. All around her, brigands attacked the guards of the house. When she looked back, she saw the barn on fire, and knew immediately that Lorinaa was trapped inside; she could hear Lorinaa's screams of terror as fire swept across the wooden walls of the barn. At that instant, Ilana could hear her own mother crying in her mind, begging for her assailants to stop their evil sin. Ilana began running back to the barn to try and help her friend, the adrenaline from killing a man still running thick in her veins.

'Lorinaa, I'm coming! I'll be there! I'm coming!' Ilana had made it halfway there when she suddenly felt a hard and precise pain on the back of her head. The last thing she could remember was the ground coming to her rather quickly, and then she blacked out.


Ilana woke up some hours later, to find everything laid to waste. The house was left a crumble. Dead bodies were strewn all over, as if the sky itself rained dead people. All the slaves and servants were dead too. She got to her feet, but could barely walk straight. Her vision was extremely blurred, and she could barely make out the barn, or at least what was left of it. All she could think was she had to make it to the barn. She had to try to help Lorinaa. She tripped over what seemed to be a rock, and went face first to the ground, blacking her out again.


'Hello, little girl, hello. How are you feeling?'

Ilana slowly opened her eyes. She looked around for a moment. The scenery appeared to be of stone slab, and not much for decoration. As she looked around, she saw a tub, another bed next to hers, empty, a gnome standing over her, and very plain walls. She looked quickly back at the gnome and almost jumped.

'What the...where am I?'

'You are safe child. We found you amongst many dead. You are lucky you are even alive. Your life force runs thick and true within you.' The gnome looked at her with gentle eyes and a caring expression.

'Where...where am I?' She rubbed the back of her head softly and found the bump she knew would be there. It hurt a lot.

'You are in the temple of the Order of Life. My name is Grillin. I am part of the fraternal order of monks who reside in this sanctuary. Rest child. We will talk more when you are well. In the meantime, is there anything you wish; water, food, bath?'

'Actually, some water. Other than that, I think I'm OK. What is...a monk?'

Grillin stepped back and laughed lightly, 'I will tell you all about us when you get better, and then perhaps maybe you can tell me all about you, and how you came to be on a battlefield, and yet the only survivor.' Grilling smiled softly at her and left. Moments later a servant brought her some water.

For the first time in over 4 years, Ilana felt safe, thought she didn't know why. She knew nothing of these 'monks', and much less about her surroundings. Yes she had many questions, but the main thing on her mind was the aching in her head, which she knew would be there for while. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep. She would ask her questions in the morning, when her mind was clear and her words were true.


Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter 1 / Part 2 © Derek 'Droz' Guiliano

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