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Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter One (Part One)

Derek 'Droz' Guiliano
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Screams of anguish and fear come from inside a small house in the woods. A young girl sits in a corner in the basement of the small house. Hair tousled, tears running down her face, she cries out knowing no one can hear her. She knows not what to do except to sit there and cry. She looks across the room and stares blankly at the wall. Her tears drop down her face, dripping to her lap as she recalls the screams from before.

Her mother lay strewn across the floor, broken battered and torn. She does not breath. The small girl knows her mother lies there dead. But the child cannot get out of her head the screams her mother made as the thieves and murderers made their way with her. Her father lay against a wall, shackled in chains, beaten as badly, but barely alive. She knows her father too must feel the anguish, as he too had to watch them rape and murder his beloved. He lies there, tears streaming down his face as he screams for his dead wife, yelling out her name, as if it would bring his wife back from the dead.

The young girl finally gets to her feet, sobbing heavily, making her way to her father. As she unhooks the shacked from his wrists, her father wraps his arms around her tightly, telling her how much she is loved, and that his life too is soon to be vanquished. The you girl looks at him and merely speaks, 'Father...

'No my child, fear not. I will always be in your heart. Remember always the ways of truth, it will guide you. Now go, please, and take this.' He hands her a medallion from his neck, the symbol of the god of Truth and Devotion. 'Keep this by your chest at all times and my spirit will always watch over you.'

'But, father, I don't want you to go, please', the girl pleads with him, wrapping her arms around him tighter than thought possible by a child.

Her father begins coughing painfully, falling to the ground, barely able to move. 'Ilana, go. Go, and ride with the wind. Your path should take you to the small town of Illishire. There, you will find your way. There, you will find your fate.' Holding her hand tightly, he embraces her once more, then let's go to lay next to his slain wife.

The girl turns and runs out. As she leaves the house, she hears her father screaming one last bellow of hatred towards those that have brought this evil upon her family. She turns around once to look back at her house, then returns to her direction of travel and begins running.


Ilana woke up in the back of a wagon, shackles on her feet and hands, barely able to move. She brought her hands up to move her black hair out of her face, showing her brownish-green complexion, orc-like snout, and pointed ears. Though many features on her made her seem more human, there was no doubt that she had in her some orcish blood also. Not the prettiest girl in world, she was definitely considered to be of a more beautiful half-orc than most others. The orcish blood in her was very thin, but enough to give her features and strength of an orc.

She looked around giving at the others in the wagon she was in. All of them too had shackles on their feet and wrists, binding them from leaving. She decided there was not much she could do except to see where she was taken. She lied her head back down on the wooden floor of the wagon, and began to prepare herself for the worst.

She had only been in the forest, wandering around, for 4 days, living off of the berries and fruits of nature itself, when slave traders captured her. She had heard of such atrocities committed in the world, but had never thought she would be part of one. And now she lies here, on the uncomfortable floor of a wagon, waiting to become the slave to an undoubtedly mean and cruel individual.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember her parents in what they were before the horrible events four days prior, letting herself fall asleep.


Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter 1 / Part 1 © Derek 'Droz' Guiliano

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