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Cerea Island 2 - Suttus Tales (Chapter One - Interlude)

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.


Charter 1 interlude – Diary entry

From the recovered parts of the journal of seeker Vindir Peivrian found after the battle of Rekel.

Dear Diary,

I start this entry, as so many before with the regret that I have no one to write these thoughts to. Unlike many of my fellow adventurers there is no one left behind for me. They are all dead.

Many things have happened in recent times. I have finally found the temple of Jaysek. Araval was even more pleased than I, but then he had been searching much longer.

The temple priest was able to help us free the spirit of the old man and so finally manage to close the portal that was threatening Cerea.

In recognition for my contributions to the Arcane Academy and the help I gave Cerea in closing the portal, Professor Naillo promoted me to senior master.

Although I wondered at times if that would ever happen as the professor disappeared one morning on the very day he was going to hold the ceremony. A wild goose chase all around the island ended with us finding him after all.

I was really touched to discover that his absence had been a quest on his part to find a Jaysek Robe for me. I was stunned by the gift, almost more pleased with that gift than with the promotion the professor carried out immediately after.

Having the ceremony in the ladies' section of a fashion shop in Cerea was a bit strange, but then no one has ever accused the professor of being conventional. At least all of my friends and comrades that could be there attended and that made me happy.

With so many things coming together at once, I feel strangely disjointed and lost. I have found Jaysek, and pledged myself to him. I have helped close the portal and saved the old man, and I have achieved the pinnacle of Academy ranks. What is there left for me to do, I ask myself.

I still hope that one day my love for Neo might be answered in kind. I have felt that she might be warming towards me, but I think that both her dedication to Ra and her monkish nature stand in the way. I fear any love she might have for me is purely platonic. It pains me to think that a family line that can be traced almost to the beginning of the world and that has included kings and emperors might end with me. Maybe one day...

I still have my self-imposed quest to convince the people of this island that Jaysek is not the bringer of doom, merely the messenger. Many here believe he caused the disasters that have befallen the many places and people around here. I know in the depths of my heart, in my very soul that Jaysek did what he could to save those people. He did warn them. Others I fear will not believe me. I am not a priest, it is not my job to spread the word of Jaysek, but if a chance presents itself to improve the standing of Jaysek in the locals eyes and hearts then I will do what I can to help. I must be careful though; evil has made me a pawn before and I will not allow that to happen again.

I am also sure that the danger to Cerea has not passed, and I will surely need to help defend it once more. Suttus is still out there... and so is the Hooded Wizard.

Revenge may be a dangerous thing but if there is one person/entity/evil that deserves such attention it is the Hooded Wizard.

Well I must go. Lady Gallennesen has made a request to the Academy for a mage to help her with her school. I think young Padril might be the perfect choice...

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