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Cerea Island 2 - Suttus Tales (Chapter One)

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.

This story is taken from the book "Cerea - Adventures in an online world" ISBN: 978-1-4303-1486-8


Chapter 1 - Letters to Saff

By Tara

Excerpt From New research material commentary Derimir, in the eighth year of

beaver, first periods, fourth era:

These priceless letters recovered from the private collection of demigod Saffron Ders

in the missions to explore the northern parts of the island are a valuable resource in

our current understanding of one of the biggest threats faced by the free people of

Derimir in the late third era, Suttus.

Dear Saff,

I hope your visit with your folks is going well. Something should go well.

Things are not well on Cerea.

We really miss your strong and commanding presence.

Others have tried, and some have a bit of success, but none can command respect the way you do.

Some recent events you have missed.

We went through the first gate. It was scary to cast that implode on myself. I had expected to do it with you by my side. But it worked. We were in a place we had never seen before, and immediately came across a body. We believe it is the old man for whom we searched. But, everyone wanted to explore and see if we couldn't find his spirit. It was impossible. It was a mess. We fought forever: Pale creatures II, III and IV, Chaos Riders, balors... So, we finally regrouped and started to come back, and guess what?

Yep, you got it. We didn't have all the parts so we couldn't get back.

Now, we are keeping busy fighting off drow attacks around Cerea. The drow are trying to take Naredia back. It seems she let their slaves lose and they are not happy about that. People still mistrust Naredia, since she is drow. It is hard for her to get accepted, but I am slowly coming to believe in her.

And the gypsies have run off. You know, it's that time of year when they camp outside of Naye Bay, at their traditional site, on their yearly pilgrimage. And it seems that the people in the nearby town were not happy and tried to run them off. A gypsy woman came into Cerea seeking help. We formed a group and headed out to talk to them. Araval had hopes of mediating and solving it without bloodshed. But alas, some of the newer recruits didn't listen. Instead of putting away weapons and approaching the gypsy camp slowly, they rushed in with weapons raised.

Needless to say, the gypsies ran off, after a bit of bloodshed. The townsfolk came out and thanked us. After some talking they told us how they were going to chop down the forest and put up more

shops. We were horrified! We didn't want them to. It got confusing then. The shop guy came back with some thugs (some were guards, but I am sure some were thugs). One of them attacked Neowen, and in defending herself, she killed him. There was a trial (oh, it was so sweet when Vindir spoke up for her, he is so smitten). Many spoke up for her, and she did get off. But it was not a good day.

New people are visiting every day. New people are good, nice for the economy.

My cousin Sara has come for a while. She is a sweet soul, just a bit... misguided. She is unpredictable and seems to have no set path in life. You will meet her when you return.

The Sheriff is wonderful. He comes by every evening to check on me. Often he stays for supper and we will stroll by the river. I think he likes me.

Take care. Say hello to your folks for us, and return soon.

Your Friend,



Dear Saff,

I am back from a week of solitary soul searching as I sailed about the islands. I am at peace, and now am content to go wherever the path of my life chooses to take me.

I haven't seen the Sheriff yet. Though Icilia said he has come by every night while I was away, I fear he is avoiding me in case I have changed my mind concerning our relationship. Not sure where I stand, I will wait and see him and talk to him before I comment.

Boink became Seeker. They had a wonderful time yesterday, when he woke up, hung over and missing his speedoes. Woot Woot! I was not home, but Sara told me all about it. I am afraid she seemed to enjoy it a bit too much. But, Sara has always had a gleam in her eye when the topic comes to men. I just hope someday she will find someone to make her want to settle down with just one.

Anyway, it seemed that Boink had a few additional items in his pack, but no memory of the night before, so they had a great time trying to retrace his steps. Seems he and the glove merchant... well... I won't spread rumours, but I have never seen "LOVE" spelled out in giant hearts in the Greenwoods, as Sara claims to have seen. Anyway, it all was his god playing tricks on him and testing him. And in the end, he received his title and they had a big celebration. Though… I do wonder about him and the glove merchant.

Today, we set out once again to close that portal. We need to get back to the other world and find the soul of the old man. We had ventured there once before, but the balors were too numerous for us.

So, today, the Professor at the Academy outside Naye Bay, told us (eventually though, because he tends to ramble), about the Dark Knights. They had started out fighting for good, but went bad after their original leader had died. They were legendary for the number of balors they killed. "Almost as many as Saffron Ders". (That’s a direct quote from the Professor). We found their fort off the old Greywoods road and proceeded to search it throughout. We had a bit of a rough time at first, as we were a large group and a bit of wandering and opening doors was drawing large crowds of nasty Dark Knights. But, we did pull together and do well in the end.

We now have 3 books to help us with the destruction of balors. I have one in my possession, but am almost afraid to touch it. I plan to be very careful as I examine it.

I will write again, to let you know how our adventures go. Your guidance and friendship is much missed.



Dear Saff,

We made another trip to the other side today. I called for those willing to travel with me and a strong group of friends gathered at my home. Everyone contributed dragon parts, and with a bit of searching we came up with 2 full sets.

Once again we went to the portal site, laid down the dragon parts, formed a circle, and I cast implosion on myself.

No one died. Whew. It still scares me to do that. I was really wishing for you at my side there. Not that I actually want to cast implosion on you... Well only sometimes.

Once again, we were at the same place. Armed with the balor books, we were able to search the whole place, wiping out balors along the way. Was hard to keep everyone moving, you know those spell casters - they like to rest, but we did well.

Then we found the Hooded Wizard. It seems we were in his home. We did not kill him; he disappeared.

We also did not find the soul of the old man. We heard him once or twice, but had no luck finding him.

We travelled back to Cerea, through a portal the Hooded Wizard had opened. I was not comfortable with that, but we used it to get back.

Needing advice and unable to locate the professor, we travelled to see Mr. Colds. It seems, that I cannot open the portal to the right place alone. I have the will, but not the focus. Without the focus, I am drawn to places that my soul feels ... oh what's the word I need... not comfortable... but... where my soul feels... familiar things. Why was I drawn to the Hooded Wizard's home? I hate to suggest the answer... I will leave it for now while I finish explaining our gate quandary.

We need a seeker, preferably chaotic... to stand beside me. We need you. But, as you are far away, we must examine our other options.

Oh, I wish you were here to give me advice. Mr. Colds offered a few names of those that are qualified to help us. Unfortunately, he listed Suttus first. Yes, he is still around. Not that Suttus would do it for us... at least not without a terrible cost. There seems to be some link between the Hooded Wizard and Suttus and that is why I was drawn to his house.

Why? Why must Suttus still be around? Why must I fight this inner turmoil again? I heard his name, and felt the power ... felt it tingling in my skin still.

How can I do this alone?



Dear Saff,

After a brief consultation, and a look at our choices, we decided to approach Marcus for help with the gate.

He was having trouble with the Chaos Riders, so in exchange for helping us, he wanted us to go kill the Chaos Rider captain, which we did.

Then he 'helped' us, by telling us we needed a compass. And the only one he could point us to (bad pun), was in the old fort a couple of hundred years ago. So, we need a scroll of time travel. I had never heard of such a thing, though he says they appear from time to time. (I could hear him chuckling to himself as he made this bad pun; I so wanted to kick him in the shins).

I am afraid I lost my temper and yelled at Marcus. My nerves were bad from the trip to the Chaos Rider fort. We had many deaths, and some excess running around which drew many at a time. At one point, Lieutenant Jursen had to come help us.

I haven't talked to the Sheriff yet, at least, not alone. He isn't very happy with me, since I left without saying anything to him. He isn't sure how to feel about me, or what our chances of a future are. I don't know what to think. I had to leave. Had to try and sort myself out. Well, I will see him soon I hope, and we can figure out if we have a chance together.

Your Friend,


P.S. Thankfully I haven't heard anything from Suttus yet. I shudder to think of meeting him again, and yet... I knew in the back of my mind that he wasn't done with me yet.


Dear Saff,

Another good day... getting closer - or so we hope.

Yesterday, we found the scroll of time travel. Or freeze time, or however it works, I don't think I understand it, but Vindir did, and I trust him. Anyway we found enough, so that today our large group could all go back 400 years and see the glory of the Fort before it was destroyed.

We did well. Walked in and didn't kill a thing. I was afraid someone would get trigger happy, and we would do something in the past, to harm our current world. We arrived and explained our search to the elf mage, who helped us. We had to pay for the compass, but it was only 400k.

After returning to our own time, we headed to the portal and promptly created a gate. I am afraid we only put down 3 dragon parts, and so the gate went to the wrong area. We didn't find the old man, though we did run into Suttus. He seemed to find us amusing.

We had a bit of trouble with some trapped chests. I wish people could learn to be patient while the rogue tends to traps. It took a few deaths... um... quite a few, for them to step back and let Anas work.

Anas... hmm... now she is one to watch. I don't quite trust her. She snuck off when we went to the fort and said she was just trying to 'talk' to the shopkeeper, but I am suspicious that she was trying to pick his pocket. She is very focused on items, ok, so she is a rogue, but... just watch her.

We all made it back and tried a new gate, this time using all the dragon parts. We ended up in the Pale VI. Yep, that's six ... I did not get my roman numerals backwards. It was tough fighting, but I am happy to say that everyone stayed together and we could handle the demons one at a time.

We found the old man, but couldn't get through to him. I mean we couldn't get him to talk to us. We tried all sorts of things to help him, or get him to come with us, but nothing worked. I feel like the answer is staring me in the face, but I can't quite see it.

We decided to seek more help. So, we ran back through all the Pales. At the temple of Storm, the healer didn't have any help for us, but she did suggest the Half-dragon Cleric.

I guess we will head out there tomorrow.

On a personal note, I did speak briefly with the Sheriff. He found me wool-gathering by the lake, and we spoke for a few minutes. All we can do is wait until we get this portal closed again, so we can sit down and talk, to see if we have a future.

Who knows, now that I have the compass, and seem to be able to control my travelling, maybe I can become an official Navigator and join a guild? Hmm... I wonder if they have a god or goddess who will accept me.

Hope you and your family are doing well,



Dear Saff,

This will be brief. Things are moving along nicely, with some surprising developments.

Basically we found out that the old man's elven wife had left him long ago for a Dragonlord. The wife is who he misses, who left him so lonely. The Half-dragon Cleric is the daughter of the abandoning wife and the Dragonlord. I won't bore you with details of the misleading information and the gossip an old woman gave us in Vesper, (We were searching for a natural granddaughter of the old man at first.) nor of the frustration of trying to find out anything about the old man from his hometown Noma.

The cleric went with us to Pale VI, and the old man actually acknowledged her, but only briefly. The trip back through the Pale was terrible, people running this way and that, was very confusing. We really need to concentrate on staying together. I will take some blame, as we said, "Let's go, No fighting, Let's run!" and I took off. When I hit the portal, I saw no one behind me. They hadn't moved. I went off to the side, because I had about five of those demons on me and wanted to keep the portal clear. I used many heal spells until they finally started moving. But then it was all scraggly. We had people on about three levels at one time. And our march up there had been so good.

We now head out to seek a ring. We hope this ring might be the old man's focus or give us a clue; it is fairly simple with some elven writing on it. This ring was very important to the wife, but she lost it on a visit to her home long ago. Her home is on Cerea, so no magical travel for this, which is good, as I am getting queasy from all the jumps through space or time.

I hope your visit with your family is going well, but please know that your friends miss you greatly, and are anxious for you to return.



Dear Saff,

The tangled web of relations continues to unravel as we talk to more and more people.

It seems that Re Dana, was the wife of the old man, who left him for the Dragonlord, and is the mother of the Half-dragon Cleric. She is also the sister of Am Dana, a high-level wizard who roams the island with a bow in hand and quick wit on his tongue. They also have another brother, who is no less than the great god Ra.

We found the ring for the females of the Dana family. Its purpose remains shrouded to us. We are now going to seek out Ra, and try to locate the ring for the males of the Dana family and see if together they wield a power.

Oh, and I forgot. Neowen has obtained seeker status. Several days ago, we were defeated at the house of keys in R'Lyeh, and Ra came to our rescue. Well, he didn't come to rescue us actually. He came to find Neowen and praise her for reaching a seeker level. He was more irritated at having to step over all the bodies, so he raised us so we could get out of his way.

I despair of ever being praised and blessed as a seeker, of ever reaching enlightenment. Without a god, goddess or some being of power I will not be able to achieve it. It has gone so far that those who are seekers keep assuring me I can worship them when they become a demigod. Very humiliating.

Please hurry home.



Dear Saff,

Today, we sought out Ra. On our way, we chatted with Am. He sure does have an interesting family. Seems there were 4 kids. Am is the eldest. Ra and Re (the lady married to the Dragonlord) are twins, and Em is the youngest. We really don't know much about Em yet, except that Am likes him and he is on the island occasionally.

After denying he had any family for a while, Ra finally admitted to having the Dana ring. He is actually such a blustery little boy. I hear there was a lot of... competition between him and Am. I think deep down they really care about each other, they seem to be envious, jealous and admiring at the same time. I think I upset Ra, when I asked why he was concerned about Am; after all he is a great god, and Am is nothing. He fainted. Or maybe he fainted about something else, not sure.

We must really watch Anas. I do not trust her. She seeks power for herself, and always items. She is not subtle at all about it, she is always hollering for Suttus, and seeking to ingratiate herself with anyone that might have power. She is also impatient when we chat with people, never wanting to take the time to converse with the pleasantry that shows good manners. Today, I think we were all ready to sacrifice her to Ra, but, alas, a sacrifice was not needed.

Well, Ra did agree to let us borrow the ring, but it is only for a male elf. And we had none. So, he agreed to deliver it to Vindir. I hope he does it soon.

I have hopes that when we get the two rings together, it will help somehow.

Hurry Home,



Dear Saff,

We did it! We closed the portal!

We found the temple of Jaysek in R'Lyeh (hmm, that doesn't look right, I must learn the correct spelling). Araval was very pleased to have his long search over. The priest there was able to tell us how to release the soul of the old man by undoing the spell Suttus had used.

Suttus appeared several times along the way, trying to stop us with groups of summoned balors. Then after we closed the portal, he tried to tell us that our focus on the old man, had helped him by allowing the old man to have hope and hang on longer than he would have without our focus and thus keep the portal open just long enough for Suttus to complete his work. What is his work? Well, it has something to do with assembling three armies.

I think he was bluffing us. I don't believe the old man would have been released without our help. I think Suttus is trying to make us hesitant and doubtful of what we do.

We have become a good working group. Our adventures have given us a bit of comfort with each other, and our teamwork is much improved over our first few... disastrous outings.

We will face Suttus again; I know it.

I hope you will be back to fight with us when we do.


Cerea Island 2 : Big events of the past (day 6) : Suttus tales chapter 1 © weby

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