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Cerea Island 2 - The Story of a Tenderbottum

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.


*small neat writing on crisp page in a diary*

I can almost remember my Parents.. its was a long time ago.. more like I can feel there essence in that last goodbye. A while back my parents and I lived on a farm where it was quiet and beautiful. My father was a excellent Farmer and his garden grew with food to eat and many strange flowers who's scents would make you swoon as if you overate on a Warm summer day, and needed a good nap in the sun. My Mother was so strong it seemed nothing hurt her, whenever I got hurt or almost got into trouble, there She would be to protect me in Her arms. I still miss that feeling.

All of a sudden it was over my parents and I was on a ship with lots of other people. My father and mother didn't seem to have much time for me, they seemed to be more worried about the other kids and there parents. When I started to cry about this my mother kindly said "Remember my little tornado your heart is stronger than you think and this will pass, but your father and I need to help those who cant take care of themselves".

My parents and I went to this huge city where there was a Temple of Storm. The Priestesses were glad to see my Parents and they left to go talk in a back room. one of the younger priestesses took me into area where there was lots of other kids my age, most of them were crying about how there parents were killed or they didn't know what happened to there families.

After a few Days my Parents came and sat me down. I knew something was up because both my parents took turns Hugging me a real long time with tears in there eyes. Finally my dad spoke and told me that He and Mom had to help others like these kids here, and Asked me if I understood. Even though I didn't I nodded. I never saw my dad cry before and it was unsettling. After that both hugged me for a long time and said they loved me and to remember our farm near Bushburrow and someday we would return. then the next thing I knew they were gone. a priestess had come for me and said that Storm took my parents to where they were needed.

Many years I was at the Temple helping out till I turned 16, I told the Archbishop that Storm took my Parents away and that I just couldn't handle being stuck there not knowing if they ever died. So I left. the archbishop was a kindly old lady and she gave me enough money to buy a ticket back to Derimir to where my families farm was. When I got there all the memories came back and I cried for a long time but I knew that wouldn't help so I Got started fixing up the place those 12 years were hard on the building and the fields went to seed with weeds and native plants. The one thing that got me was that my Parent's Temple to Storm wasn't even dusty and the water was flowing like nothing ever happened.

After five years of working the farm by myself and reading thru my parents books most of there diaries ended a few years before I was born. I decided to find out what happened to all my Parent's friends to see Why they allowed them to disappear like that. Maybe they would help me Save them or at least get a answer of why they didn't go with my parents. I know That if they went with my Mom and Dad I wouldn't Still be alone today. I Blame them for allowing Storm to take away my parents

My first place to look is Vesper. its close and some lady called Tara Thenton lived there she was some type of Guardian. We will see why She didn't help guard those my parents went off to save.


Well it has been a few days.. I have met a few people in Vesper the home town of that Tara lady .. apparently she is some big wig mayor or something but she is never home.. (she has some nice sweet peas growing outside the house though) but I was able to hook up with Mindy .. She knows a lot about the past of Vesper and Cerea.. with some exceptions.. after a few days I got the courage to show up at the local temple of Storm and who was there old Maldo.. the one who baptized me as a kid in naye bay.. I could still see his shining eyes. I heard that a few of the young adventurers were heading off to a Follower of Storm's house .. hmn maybe some information of my parents will be found..


Yes, with Gwin and Steele, I came to a realization.. I could have been as that guy who is summoning unlife to attack Vesper.. if I let my anger and need for vengeance come forth.. at least stepped back, and let the anger leave me.. after we destroyed the altar and a few nasty crypts, I met Tara Thenton-Jurssen.. she said the last she knew of my parents they left for the mainland and she didn't even knew that I was born.. hmn maybe it was really chaotic times.. maybe Celia or Painia will know more.. I met a nice looking lady her name was Shelia.. she was shocked when she heard who my Parents were. I need to talk to her at a later date.. maybe I can invite her over for a nice lemongrass tea and some truffles.


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