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Cerea Island 2 - Shelia Shessair

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.


Hello, I’m Sheila!

I’m 25 years old… I know that’s very young for an elf, but mommy said it wasn’t good for me to always be around those old geezers in the… Oh, I shouldn’t talk about this…

Anyway, mommy told me much about the real world, and Auntie Shanon showed me me many illusions of such things like trees and clouds and creatures like orcs and dwarves and dragons. I’m happy I’m going to see all those for real soon!

Master Ralph also told me about the great war and the unlife and all the people who died. When he did, I almost didn’t want to go anymore, but then he said the worst of it was over and that place they would send me to – an island he called Derimir – was a really nice place. Mommy said she has lived there once, before the rift… No, I shouldn’t talk about that either.

Well, she lived there for a long time and she told me that a few of her old friends would still be there. She told me many stories about her adventuring days with Tara, Tom and Celia… I wonder how I’m going to find them, but Master Ralph said not to worry, everyone there would know them. I guess they have to be pretty famous.

I’ve been studying hard and have now learned to cast the first spells. Mommy said I have to be able to defend myself, because she can’t be there with me and daddy can’t watch over me all the time either. He’s very busy what with being… Oh, drat, there’s so many things I oughtn't talk about!

Anyway, she said if I found some friends to look after me I would be fine. She said she was all alone as well, when she came to Derimir for the first time and I shouldn’t worry.

Now she and Master Ralph have been working on getting that portal stabilized for more than two days!

I think they are finished. Mommy smiles and motions for me to step through…

It’s a bit scary… I’ve never been away from home before. I run over to mommy and give her another hug. I like it when those tiny flames are dancing through her hair…

She gives me a kiss and wipes away the tear that’s running down my cheek. I will miss her.

I turn around and stand before the portal.

I take a deep breath and step through…


Dear Diary,

I’ve been in this big city for a few days now and have met a few of the people here. Sadly Mrs. Tara is out of town at the moment as is Mrs Celia. Instead I met Master Pauric. Mommy said she wasn’t sure if he was still alive, with all the fighting going on back then, but he seems to be well and has his own little mage school here. I promptly joined as a student of course to learn more about magic and it’s practical applications.

So far I haven’t gone too far from the village, because there are dangerous monsters out there, but yesterday I met a few people and maybe we can take a few trips to the countryside together. I’m especially waiting to see uncle Em. I haven’t seen him since I was little when daddy brought him along on a visit once.

When I talked to those people yesterday, my lack of knowledge about Myaasia seemed to have piqued their interest, but luckily other things happened, before they asked too many questions. Mommy said if I told people about daddy, they’d either constantly bother me with requests for him or they wouldn’t believe me and burn me as a heretic…

I can’t believe those people would do that, but then I don’t know them very well.

Ms Mindra is very nice. She seems to be with the city militia.

I also met a fellow student of Pauric’s school, Xerssi SilverBranch. He said he was neither a wizard nor a sorcerer, but a warlock. We didn’t have any warlocks back home. Myaasia is so exciting!

Then there was this halfling Biam. First he pretended to be a dwarf, then he told me about flying cows. The others didn’t seem to believe him. I’m not quite sure what to think about him.

That reminds me… I will have to ask around for Master Dazzle. I had expected him to live in Vesper, but apparently he lives somewhere outside. So far nobody could tell me exactly where…

Oh well, tomorrow my new friends and me will go to fight unlife. I’m very excited, but also a little afraid. Better get some rest before we start…

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