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Cerea Island 2 - Sabomchu'meH

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my name iS Sabomchu'meH. my journey Here waS not eaSy. tlhe weatlher waS Horrible anD our SHiP waS unDer attakk. tlhere waS Skreaming, fighting, waveS kraSHing over tlhe SiDeS. I waS Shooting arrowS at anyone i DiD not know. It waS HarD juSt to StanD Still on tlhe Heaving dekk much leSS take effective aim but try i DiD. Next tlhing I knoweD i waS in tlhe water. i Stripped off my light armor anD most everytlhing else on me to Stay afloat. tlhere were PlankS, lineS, SailS in tlhe water too anD i klung to a yarDarm for awHile until i Saw a lifeboat aDDrift anD SwimmeD to it anD HauleD mySelf aboarD. I Saw my SHiP wHen a Swell would PaSS lifting me to itS kreSt; it HaD rolleD over on itS Side anD lookeD to be Sinking. Here i waS alone, nearly nakeD, exhausteD anD kolD bobbing about in a lifeboat. a Day or two PaSSeD tlhen i waSHeD up on tlheSe SHoreS, wHerever Here iS. lukk waS witlh me aS i founD a chainSHirt and ruSty SworD, a bit bigger tlhan am uSeD too but i waS greatful juSt to be alive.

i kleaneD mySelf uP anD founD mySelf in tlhiS town wHere moSt People are too buSy to talk. tlhey juSt look to me like tlhey are StanDing arounD. i founD a Small job loaDing a SHip anD eventually a aDventure guilD. tlhey told me to talk to otlhers to finD my way arounD anD i pikkeD uP a few oDD jobs for a few meager koPPerS, but I waS nearly Starving otherwiSe So i tukkeD away my Honor anD moveD on. After awHile i waS tolD i neeDeD training but tlhe PitaQ Performer outSiDe tlhe bar waS only intereSteD in filling hiS PoketS. I HeareD of a fighter Skhool anD founD it on a Hilltop after some not-so-gooD fightS with ghoStly kreatureS in tlhe valley below. Again lukk waS witlh me SinSe tlhe guarDS muSt Have DraggeD my unkonSiouS boDy bakk from Sertain Deatlh. anD tlhey nearly emptieD my PokketS aS well. but tlhe fighter Skhool trainerS woulD not Help me; SaiD i waS not SkilleD enough for tlhem to waSte time on me. PitaQ’a. otlherS juSt StooD arounD anD gave me a look like wHere DiD tlhiS Skawny reD HeaD kome from? muSt be my akSent. anD tlhiS armor iS HarDly enHanSing my female attributeS. But wulfgar, a Short fellow SeemeD to aPPresiate my attributeS. He waS a big help too witlh a wolf pakk fight tlhat had gone badly. I really wonDereD if I SHoulD ever left town or better yet juSt DrowneD.

tlhen i met janDar. tlhe name iS familiar but HiS faSe waS new to me. He leaDeD me bakk to tlhe bar wHere tlhiS guy wearing a takky green koat traineD me in tlhe Singing baSikS. Now I HoPe to follow my true kalling Here anD leave my barbarik paSt beHinD Singing my way to fame anD fortune in tlhis new lanD. i tlhink i am overkoming tlhe language barrier now. but if tlhey Do not unDerStanD wHat I Say PerHaPS I kan Sway tlhe men witlh my femanine charmS. or elSe plaSe an arrow Squarely between their eyeS. now if I kan only finD a bow tlhat will not koSt two yearS wageS. anD you kan juSt kall me Sabom if you want.

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