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Cerea Island 2 - Dyab's Unlife (Continued)

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.


By Mindra:

We gathered knowledge that the unlife commander was possibly tapping some power from the altar of Saffron or her house or both. The ranger gave us the following directions to reach the Altar and ruined house of Storm's seeker Saffron Ders.

First he travelled to Dyoa from the east side. Then he went west along the north side of the river until he was able to cross the river easily. Then we should be able to reach the altar by sticking to the south side of the river.

Reaching the ruins of her house sounded harder and the ranger that Alindra had told us about wasn't sure how to reach it. But what he did know was that a few unlife went in and out of the ruins every now and then and footprints of a human were around the area also. I'm quite certain that we might find some important information about this threath there.


Later by Sheila:

Well, we finally went and tried to get to the altar.

At the pass there was an unlife attack going on, but Mindra decided we could help more by getting to the source of the problem. I was a bit concerned about the city’s safety, but there really wasn’t much we could do.

We travelled through the mountains until we got to the river, crossed it and got to the waterfall. We noticed that the altar was guarded by some unlife, so we decided to have a look at the ruins on the cliff first. They were also guarded, but we managed to destroy the unlife there. In the ruins we found nothing but a trapdoor leading underground.

Most of us had exhausted our spells during the battle and we all agreed that resting here would be too dangerous. We decided to enter the trapdoor anyway.

We found ourselves in a small room, and listening at the door we heard a large number of unlife in the next room.

Mindra took a small peek and we were promptly attacked by some undead clerics and skeletons. We closed the door at once but three or four had gotten into the room already. We just barely managed to defeat them with some of us being sorely wounded. We were lucky the other undead were not intelligent enough to open doors!

Well we spent some time tending to our wounds and repeated the process until we had cleared the next room. It was a great hall with lots of junk lying around, but nothing that would give us any clue about our enemy.

There were four smaller rooms to the south, that contained only one or two undead each, but they too didn’t yield useful information.

That left us with two bigger rooms to the east and west respectively. We could hear a great number of undead in both of them – they outnumbered us on both sides. We tried one of the doors and found a long corridor filled with undead. We just barely managed to close the door without more that a few of them getting through, but after defeating them we decided to have a look at the altar outside first, as it seemed to be less well defended.

The number of unlife at the altar was indeed lower, but Mindra said two of them were mummies, who were supposed to be extremely dangerous. We tried to lure a part of them away and at first it seemed to work, but then the rest of the mob followed and all we could do was try to get away.

One of the mummies must have hit me then. I remember sliding down the mountainside and coming to rest a bit away from the battle, then everything went black. Someone must have carried me to safety, for when I came to, I was back in Vesper again with the others.

We’ll have to be more careful next time!


Again later by Mindra:

Report to the Crog temple,

I decided to report my findings to the Crog temple in the pass and took the road through the mountains towards the fort. There I met my friends Wulfgar, Gwindor, Xerssi and Feng. They had heard that the fort is under attack and decided to come and help. As we were heading the same way I decided to join them and travel together.

Not long after we climbed down the mountains to the lower fort in the pass we saw unlife forces that were obviously preparing for something. Some of them saw us also and pushed us back up the mountains. At this point we tried to find alternative routes to the fort. First I proposed that we should try to find the path that the ranger that Alindra had sent was using to get to the mountains from Dyoa. After searching for one we had to give it up as it seems that there wasn't one or it was too hard for us to travel. Feng mentioned that there was an eastern route from Vesper to the fort, it was just a bit longer trip. So we decided to go back to Vesper, rest and head to the east. We arrived to Greengrove and headed north to the ogrehills and from there we took a narrow path to the fort in the pass.

I was able to give my report to the temple. I told bishop Branwen about the unlife tainted possibly human commander that accused propably Vesper for doing something to his family. I also told her about the unlife going in and out of the ruins of the Storm seeker Saffron Ders' house and their interest to the paladin's altar also. She was very interested about the area behind the trapdoor that was occupied and tainted with unlife and ordered me to investigate that further and fight them.

We headed to the trapdoor again. Outside the ruins we encountered unlife and one of them looked gigantic to me. I hastily used the holy water on that unlife, which I had gotten from the storm temple. It seemed to die simultaniously from someone's sword, so that decision might not have been the best one... We fought the others accompanying it also and entered the area beneath the ruins.

We met Arlons investigating the ruins and he decided to join us. The unlife had returned and occupied the rooms again and had to be fought. This time we decided to go the rooms to the left of us, which Vach had mentioned after our last visit. He must have taken a peek inside. After the last door the area didn't look like a basement or a room anymore, it seemed more like a cave. The unlife that were inside looked like some kind of guards. We fought dozens of these guards without making any real advancement from the door, there were just too many of them. We were hearing some strange chanting all the time, I didn't quite understand what it was for but Xerssi said it had something to do with summoning. Arlons then realised that these unlife guards might have been summoned and told us that we should attack the one chanting. We fought our way further into the caves until we saw this chanting unlife priest. Arlons was able to hit it with a bow and disrupt it's chanting so that it decided to attack us too. We quickly withdrew to the door again and decided to make a one final push to take out this chanter. We opened to the door and I ran to the priest and tried to gather all my strength to one deadly blow. I hit the priest but it didn't fall, his guards attacked me immediately. As I went down unconsious, I could still hear the other fighting.

When I gained my conciousness back the unlife priest and it's guards were there nomore. It seems the guards died quickly after the people had been able to slay the priest. Only thing left there was an altar that radiated unlife. The area seemed to have a feel of less and at the same time more unlife than at the time we entered. There were also unholy wards at the opposite way of the altar.

First we concentrated on the altar. We tried to destroy it with weapons and spells with no success. Then I dropped the last drops of holy water on it, there seemed to be very little effect as there wasn't nearly enough of it. We didn't find any way to disable the altar or destroy it. Feng said that destroying it might not be an option because the altar might explode with all that unlife energy in the process. She also studied some runes on the altar that were talking about it being a focus of somekind. They seemed so interesting that she decided to copy them. As the altar was too heavy to even move, we decided to head back and get some holy water and more knowledge about our findings. On the way back we tried to remove these unholy wards also but our magic and weapons did no good. It would seem that the power of these unlife forces would come from this altar or from something behind those unholy wards, what ever their source is, it has to be destroyed. So we might have to go back down there again.



Page from journal of Boim Teaf about reacent happenings:

Now where I should began I was doing some scouting on the tunnels under Vesper when shout carried to my ears. It was something about unlife attacking the town, I figured there might be some bonys and smellys that I have not seen before so it was worth a while to go check out. When I got close to watch tower that leads towards bandit pass, I do wonder why it is called bandit pass I have never seen a single bandit in there just those orgres few guards from town and some bonys and smellys other side of the big barricade they have built.

I have heard rumors that there are small things living up on the hills not in the same hill with ogres of course since they would get smashed by orgers big smelly feet and do trust me on that one Ogres feet really smell bad I guess its close to smell as bad as aunt Manridals ointments and lotions. So we fought with the bonys and smellys and with we I mean Feng Mindra Wulfgar Bella RedMax and that silly bug I think its Fengs pet, perhaps I should ask Feng if I could get bug of my own one day. We fought and fought with smellys and bonys for quite a while there was a lot of them, then someone said something about leaving and going to source where bonys and smellys were comming from.

Wulfgar he is a dwarf by the way asked from us for our opinion for what we should do, I suggested we would go check Jim's cows since you never know if there are some flying ones among his cattle and we could have flew over smellys and bonys to where ever we would have wanted to. Some of the talls Bella especially looked at me like I would have some cake on my face while few of them Wulfgar and Feng said it would be a good back up plan, or at least I though it was them who said that. So much was happening at the time so I was not sure

Wulfgar seemed to take lead, now I don't know much about dwarven battle tactics but first we ran other side of the town and after a moment we ran back to fight more bonys and smellys since they were setting the whole village on fire. I think I need to ask Wulfgar if that is how dwarfs fight, they run to opposite direction from enemy to take a good ramming speed so they could split holes on enemy lines but if you ask from me its kind of silly idea since they are not the tallest of peoples so their speed is not that good.

Oh I do need to find time to explain peoples how we can make sure which cow is from rare flying cow race so they can check on them even if I am not around. We managed to fight of smellys and bonys and put out the fires they had already set inside the town, then Wulfgar Mindra and others started to talk about water. Yeah I know its odd after we put the fires out with water they seemed to want to talk more about water some holy water, I think its something like Moms apple juice but I am not sure.

We went to this big windy house, I don't know much about making up buildings but if you build a house that big I would think they would at least make it tight enough so wind would stay out from it but no wind blew thought the whole house other said it was a temple for storm, Wulfgar talked with some lady in there and asked about holy water so I guess its some sort of brewery for holy water. They didn't have any at the moment but she told they had some on final steps of the process or at least that is how I understood her when she said some holy water was buried under ground 30 feets east from the entrance to brewery. We thanked that woman for her help and advices and went out to find this bottle of holy water, if you ask from me the procedure of making such water seems to be somewhat odd since as the final procedure they need to busy it on ground and who knows for how long it has to stay buried.

Wulfgar and Bella got in funny argue where we should dig for this bottle of holy water, I kept asking if the distance from the doorway was given as halfling feet or as feet that tall folk use but no one seemed to pay any attention to me. Wulfgar started to dig from the spot he thought the bottle was buried on and me, yes I know shortest and weakest of us started to dig from the spot Bella showed. While I was shoveling dirt with my shield there was this funny woman who came about, she tried to distract my work by taking shape of badger can you believe that but I had my mind set on digging so nothing could distract me not even a badger woman . Wulfgar and others finished digging the spot they choose first but could not find anything good thing me and this badger woman had more luck and we found bottle of this rare holy water. Next we set our steps towards forest as we took short scenic route to reach bandit pass, I think Feng had found that route earlier perhaps she found that funny bug she calls Enorie from there also I need to ask that from her.

Finally after some traveling we found our way to Fighter school and temple of Crog, Mindra seems to talk about this Crog fellow all the time and yet I had not seen him around, maybe Mindra sees further than we others like Moms friend Laioko if so I better shape up my act around her. I found it funny how they call houses temples first there was this brewery called temple of storm and this Crogs temple was not brewery at all, well it was not as windy as temple of storm and yet Mindra asked for more of this holy water so I guess they are rival breweries I mean storms temple and crogs temple...

I wonder if there is difference on flavors. I noticed that there was some items that were about to drop from the table and I was kind enough to catch them before they dropped off from table and broke on floor and what I get from being nice helpful fellow, I got shocked and mean looks from Mindra and others and all I was doing was helping them, next time I will let those items to fall from table and break on floor let them clean their own mess. Bella told Crog is some big fellow who carries bags that contain everything even humans I sure would like to get one of those bags for things I keep safe, Bella allso told that this Crog has a big ladder on his back that can reach to sky and that Mindra follows him.

I took close look on Mindra's back but I did not see any ladders, on the entrance to brewery of Crog there was statue with ladders and Mindra told those ladders reached to sky. I was so close to start climbing them but then I remembered that Mindra was just behind me, maybe if I find ladders I can donate them to Mindra. Wulfgar and others shouted from outside that what was keeping us and it reminded me of stories daddy used to tell me when I was just a small boy about Robin and his friends how dwarves especially this Lagnar Insanetank had really short temper so I ran to him.

After leaving brewery of Crog we headed towards north along the mountain side, we reached to flat ground and sneaked thought groups of smellys with rags tied around them, others called them mummies but for me they looked more like humans wrapped on gift paper and reached to ruined house near this ruined city of Dyoa. Wulfgar asked me to take a look around the remains of house, looks like he belives I have good eyes to spot on things that he and others may over look and I have to admit I did find a trap door under all the junk and debris leading down under the ground to basement of house.

We walked around the basement and found these odd barricades Feng and fellow called Vach examined them, I had took a look on them earlier and those barricades were really tight build. I mean there was not eaven a small opening between them or walls in the caving that would have left me slip past them and I am not that big which kind of annoyed me. Feng and Vach examined those barricades, they even called them wards and told that we could disband them with holy water at first I did found that hard to belive but they proceed and I saw some great fireworks Feng was pushed on her bum by the force of explosion that happened when she poured holy water on the barricade.

Maybe I will get some of that holy water on my hands one day, I sure would like to know if the flavor is even close to apple juice Mom makes. After disbanding the barricades we had to fight with bonys again, RedMax took some nasty cut on his chest and we could not get him back to his feet. Something funny I noticed when we were fighting was how eager Feng was to risk her own life, she told she was our decoy. First she went towards bonys and after a while she came running and screaming and was followed by one or two bonys, perhaps it is some sort of sport among her kind to get chased by bonys and smellys and run from them screaming at least she is good at it and does it with some pride.

I bet it would be even funnier if someone like Wulfgar or Redmax would do it, just picture them first waving and wiggling their bum in front of bonys or smellys and then running from them screaming. We managed to clear all the bonys and smellys with Fengs excellent taunting tactic and proceed deeper in basement, there was not much in there except some vortex kind of thing spinning inside sphere it looked exciting but others told me not to step in it or even touch it, they said something about bonys and smellys coming from it. Feng Vach and other smart peoples took close look on it with me and they figured that we make it go a way with holy water, since I was told not to go thought it I looked around the room little more.

There was a few beds laying around a table or two with all kind of things covered with dust and I did notice how badger woman carried body of Redmax with great care playing with his hair like girls play with dolls, while I was looking around Mindra was about to toss some holy water over the vortex I was lucky enough to get back to them in time to see what happened on a close view ... it was a great firework and explosion so hot that it burned my eye browns

After it the vortex thing was gone and we returned to Vesper

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