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Cerea Island 2 - Dyab's Unlife (The Beginnings)

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This is an installment of the series of articles that are to be published daily.

They focus on different parts of the NWN2 persistent world Cerea Island 2.

The subjects will rotate between the following: the world(cosmology and similar), gods, history, places, custom systems, big events of the past, characters, old adventures, new adventures and organizations.


Story by Arlons:

I was just coming back to Vesper when I heard very loud singing:


oh to hear the tale of the dead...

those who wish to hear this one from the giant titan...

come by the south bridge....


I go there and found a group of adventurers (Bella Ballyntine, Wulfgar Firehart, RedMax Macefrost, and Feng Vilow) there. Ballyntine is the one singing:


Undead and dead....

no guards...

A fellow as tall as three houses

He walked the roads and saw the dead.. La la la la


There has been some big fellow telling that there is lots of unlife coming in the north road. We decide to go and investigate the matter:


North .. north.. north to march the road...


When we come to the north end of the village we see quite big group of undead already there. Almost two dozen. We decide to attack them, and start with fireballs and other spells. The battle takes some time, but we manage to destroy all of them. The only problem is that we can see more and more coming from the north road. There seems to be steady line of undeads coming along the road in small groups.

We do get some reinforcements during the battle when Fijdhov Tormsen joins us. We wonder where the two guards who are supposed to be here are, so we go to check the inn, and we find them from there. We tell the situation to them, but most of their forces are in the fort in the pass. So the sergeant decides to go there to take a message. We go out and search for unlife already managed to get to the village (our original retreating to the inn was mostly because we were already quite beaten up).

While we do that we notice that there is also one different looking unlife, that shouts to us AFTER being defeated that "I will be back, just wait". That does not sound very promising.

After killing the unlife in the village, we continue towards north, and in the end decide that we need to go check out what is the situation in the bandit pass. We do get more reinforcements in form of Mindra and Vach Lemainiff) at that time.

When we get close to the pass, we see that there is big group of undeads blocking the road, so we decide to take the high grounds and go around of them. When we find suitable spot we start shooting undeads with arrows and bolts, and our fighters destroy those undeads who try to reach us others.

When we are there we notice that gates are also taken by undeads, but then we notice that the few remaining guards attacks the undeads on the gates, and we go in to help them and we are able to recover the gates. We do seem to get more and more reinforcements as Yasha Loviatar Maiden joins us at this point.

After that we go up to the fort to ask what is going on. We hear that the unlife had overrun the passs and guards and paladins have not been able to contain them. They haven't sent anybody to investigate yet, as they have been tried mostly to just survive.

We promise to go and investigate what is going on in the north. We start to fight through the undeads in the pass. We get quite far and manage quite well until we get two much stronger undeads against us. Those cause a lot of damage, and we need to retreat. I try to keep on of them busy to allow my friends to recover and to escape, and in the end we manage to retreat back to the fort.

We need to think of better plan for the next time...


Later by Arlons:

I was just walking around the vesper when I herad some shouting saying:


Soon the south of the island will fall

My friends, prepare for attack


I was bit worried about that, and then I heard shouting from the bandit pass:


Here they come again, stand behind the barricade, but be prepared to fall back to the upper fort if they are too tough.

Fall back.


Me and Gwindor Helyanwe decided to go towards the bandit pass to see what is going on there. When we did get close to the lower fort, we noticed that unlife has taken the lower fort, and there was some fighting going on in the path leading up to the fort. We realized that there was way too many undeads between us and the fort, so we decided to go around.

We went back to Vesper and took the eastern route to the giant mountains and then followed the back pass to the fort itself. There we found Thradra E'linfaluin who had arrived there from the Dyoa, she told that she had fought the unlife who had tried to get up there. And she had also healed some of the injured Militia personnel.

We went inside to the fort to talk with the solders and heard that unlife had attacked again in overwhelming numbers, and they had managed to take the lower fort. As they were coming from north, we decided it might be good idea to go and investigate the pass and the north area to find out where they were coming.

When we go along the pass high up in the mountain path we see hundreds of unlife below us walking on the road. When we come to the Dyoa we go to near the river to investigate the situation there, found a bigger group of unlife on the road waiting for something. We cannot make anything out what they are waiting. We check are to the north from there, still staying on our side of the river, and do not really see that much different things there. The amount of unlife is about normal.

We decide to go to talk to the Amjin in the House of Chondra, as Amjin is the leader of the Rangers of Chondra, so he should know what is going on around this area.

Amjin tells that there has been some strange activity going on near the waterfall. I tell him about the attacks to the vesper and to the bandit pass fort. I remember there is some altar there near the waterfall, and he tells us it is altar of Saffron Ders, seeker of Storm in late third era. We wonder if the unlife is able to get power or something from the altar or why they have selected the place near waterfall for their main activity base.

Next we go to talk the leader of the Druids, Leanna Swiftfoot. We ask if she knows more about the Saffron Ders, and she tells she had some dealings with her in the past, but she last time saw her many years before the end of era, and she have not heard of her fate in the change of era.

We decide to go and see if we can approach the waterfall. Outside we found Feng Vilow unconsious and a boar. We kill the boar and heal Feng. He tells he was here with Xerssi SilverBranch but he does not know where Xerssi is now. I notice something on north and we find Xerssi and few more boars. We get back to the house of Chondra and rest and tell them what is going on. Then we decide to go again. I have a plan that we go to north and cross the river in a place where I can remember you can get over without too much trouble and then try to sneak near the waterfall keeping very close to the river.

We get quite far but then we are blocked by one mummy. I try to sneak past it, but it senses me and starts to get ready for the battle, so I come back. I decide to send my cat Aaza to do the job, and Aaza manages to lure the mummy away from the river so we can get past it. I have never ever seen Aaza move so fast, it must have made at least 30 meter long jump when the mummy spotted it. There was no way mummy could stay behind it for long...

We get close to the waterfall and can see there is about hundred unlifes near it. Then I notice a man up in the cliff addressing the unlife:


Listen my friends.

The day is close.

The day of our revence on that village.

We will attack it soon.

Allready their pitifull pass is breached.

So listen up.

You are no longer recruits.

You are now the eight company.

Each of you is promoted to private.

Prepare to move out. You will soon join the others in the attack.


I notice that this might be the same man we met in Vesper during the last unlife attack, but I cannot be sure as we are quite far away, and I do not dare to go closer so they do not detect us.

We return as fast as possible back to the house of Chondra (that included me luring the mummy behind me and others running past me and then Thradra using her animal companion to get the mummy away from me). We tell Amjin what we had heard, and then start to run towards the bandit pass and the fort. In the fort we tell them what is going to happen, i.e that there is going to be around 800 unlife solders coming towards the pass and they are not going to attack up here, but just go past to the vesper.

We decide that we need to take the lower fort back at any cost. We start attack to there, and even when there are not many of us, we still manage to make progress. It seems the barricade solders have build there earlier slows the unlife down so much that we can mostly fight against them one by one, and as there is group of us we can kill them before next one comes.

In the end we managed to take the lower fort back to us, now we just need better barricades and more people to protect it against the unlife attacks.


And later by Sheila Shessair:

I’ve been asked to write down what we learned about the man who controls the unlife yesterday, so… Where to begin…

Well, I had just met some nice people in the city square. There was a Lady named Mindra, a drow elf named Xerssi SilverBranch, a Halfling named Biam… (only at first he told me he was a dwarf) Feng Vilow,and a few others whose names I don’t quite remember.

Anyway suddenly a man appeared, shielded in arcane protections. He said the city was going to be attacked by unlife. At first I thought he had come to warn us, but apparently he was in league with the unlife and commanding them to the attack. He told us, the city would have to pay for what it had done to his family. And after more gloating he disappeared – kind of reminds me of the stories of Suttus that mommy told me.

Well, we tried to find out about any families that might have received injustice at the hands of the vesper people. At first we went to the city record office. The man there, Mr. Herman Stiltes, was very helpful, but he had only started keeping such records about five years ago, and in that time no cases like that had occurred.

Next we visited Master Pauric. We reasoned that, as the man was a mage, he would probably have studied under him. Master Pauric was interested in the case, but he didn’t know the man either. He had lived in Vesper since the Retreat and he said that Vesper had been very peaceful since the War – no whole families had died or been disgraced or anything. Although he said that during the War many families had died… Maybe that man was angry at Vesper because his family had died in the defense of the city, or because the Alliance army couldn’t protect them…

Well Master Pauric told us to seek out the clerics of d… Am at Danara, as they might know more. He asked me to stay behind for a while, so when I caught up to the others, they were already talking to a lady named Alindra, who was a cleric of… Am. She said that the unlife had some connection to the altar of Saffron near Dyoa. Some people wondered if that person might be the son of Seeker Saffron and angry about the death of his mother, but that can’t be right. Daddy told me Saffron fought with him in the Battle of the Gods and that she didn’t have any children.

Alindra had sent a ranger to scout out movements of the unlife and that we could probably meet him on the slopes of the volcano. On the way there we stopped at the temple of Storm, but they couldn’t tell us more about the evil man either. Ms. Mindra got a bottle of holy water from them however (once they had managed to find one).

We then went north to the volcano and onto the mountain slopes. I’d never been on a mountain before, and it was a bit disorienting. When we were ambushed by some demons I had a very hard time even making out their location, but Ms Mindra was there to protect me. I even managed to get in a few Magic Missiles!

After a bit of climbing we met the ranger. He told us that about a dozen unlife were guarding the altar, and he described a way we could get there unnoticed. His directions didn’t mean much to me, as I don’t know the area, but again Ms Mindra seemed to know what he was talking about.

We decided to go to the altar and try to purify it with the holy water we’d gotten. I said that would be useless, as the unlife could always just taint it again once we were gone and the others agreed. When I suggested to completely destroy the altar they were more reluctant. I don’t think Saffron would be angry though. That altar is used by unlife for foul purposes and she cannot want that.

Well, it was getting too late, so we decided to go to the place first thing the next day.

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