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Celestial Fire - Page One

Rhys Kennewell
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The fluid landscape shimmered in the cold darkness of night. This surreal planes surface glowed under the unnatural mauve sky, its crystalline rock formations towering upward scraping the sky with their jagged edges. This realm of existence was devoid of life in all its multitude of forms yet on its livid surface walked a figure, garbed in long flowing robes that glistened from the starlight above. The figure stalked warily across the alien landscape.

Towards the North a dull blue glow grew in intensity, the crystals unearthly nighttime glow gave way to the new light of a new day, the iridescent blue glow radiated off every surface, the figure stood transfixed, staring in to the light of the new dawn.

Aki awoke from his dream. The same dream over and over, the distant plane, the dawn sun rising. What did it mean?

Taking a few moments to recollect his thoughts Aki opened his blue-green elf eyes and adjusted to the darkness of the sewer tunnels that now invaded his senses with putrid smells. His comrades and he had hidden within the fetid sewers from the local military after an �incident� involving a bar, lots of money and a rigged pack of cards. It was Grumly the Halflings fault that they had been caught cheating, if only he had taken out the fifth Ace they would have come off the richer.

Removing his spell book from his leather pouch and summoning a ball of sunlight to illuminate the area Aki began to prepare his spells. He jumped up with surprise and with a shriek of horror however when the glowing ball came in to existence, cockroaches the size of Dwarf fists were in to the parties supplies gorging them selves on the little nourishment stale bread and salted meat had to offer.

With the sudden invasion of light Grumly awoke to find his elf friend leaping about and throwing magic around like a surly dwarf who�d had too much of the Brun Hilda�s best ale.

�What in the nine hells are you doing elf, do you want the local law to find us? Keep the noise down and turn off that blasted light will ye!� The Halfings voice trailed off as his mouth widened in surprise �Would you look at the size of those blighters, and they�re in the meat, well don�t just stand there elf get em before the eat me food!�

Aki conjured a small cloud of noxious gas and hurled it at the offending cockroaches. Their legs curled around their bulbous bodies and they gave squeals of pain as they died, popping in to yellowish congealed masses all over the remaining foodstuffs.

�Well that has put a damper on the day.� Grumly stated with sarcasm. �Now how am I going to have me three course breakfast I ask ye?� The halfling sat down and began picking at his feet hair. �I was looking forward to stale bread to.�

A pile of rags shifted slightly next to the now depressed and famished Halfling a feminine arm reached out for a large steel sword that rested on a slimy sewer wall. Beran rose to her feet very slowly using her two handed sword for support, �Now boys quit your belly aching or I�ll remove your bellies.� Beran stated quite seriously with a hint of her unique style of twisted humor. �I need my beauty sleep ok, 'twas not my fault we�re down here is IT Grumly!� She gave the Halfling a stare that would frighten even a basilisk and then turned back to her make shift bed and sat down.

Further down the sewers labyrinth of tunnels Constable Torgal was leading a party of local militia towards the disheveled Beran and her band of �merry� adventurers.

�They�re close men I can almost smell them. Be on the look out as they could get desperate and then we may have a massacre on our hands, so crossbows ready. And put out those torches damn ye, they�ll see us a mile off if ye go around with torches!�

�Did you hear something elf, sort of people trying to be quiet but not knowing how to.� The Halflings ears strained to hear the footsteps of the militia gang.

�That I did Grumly not far off either, I think it would be a good time to make our exit.� Aki began gathering up his belongings, he kicked Beran in to getting up, �Come along you lazy human do you want to get caught?�

Grumly wheeled around a corner and came face to knees with the Constable. Aki seeing they had been caught summoned a magical mist that blinded the militia so that they could make their escape. �Run you fool!� Aki screamed at Grumly as the Halfling promptly turned 180 degrees and dived back towards their old hide out.

The militia guards panicked at their sudden blindness and began firing crossbows in random outbursts. Bolts bounced off the brick slab walls of the sewer tunnels, lodging in the ancient stonework.

�Cease fire! Cease fire gods damn it!� constable Torgal bellowed out. Incompetent guards were always a problem in the militia.

Its underground slumber disturbed by the noise of the frantic guards, an Ankheg awoke. Rigid body plates shifted and muscular limbs twisted as the Ankheg moved through the soil, towards the guards, towards Aki, Beran and Grumly.

The blindness spell dissipated and the militia quickly came to their senses. Spying the fleeing troupe the guards stormed after them.

Whipping around a corner the three fugitives went straight in to a dead end. Aki made a futile attempt to scratch at the solid surface of the slime encrusted sewers but it was no use. �Blasted tunnels! I�m afraid to say it but we�re goners now my friends.�

The militia had the fugitives cornered, a job well done Constable Torgal had thought. Now for the arrest, he had always enjoyed this part of the job.

The tiled floor of the sewers buckled as the Ankheg rose through the layers of soil and sludge that had coagulated on the sewers surfaces. Scything chitin claws sprang from the Ankheg, carving out great swathes from the surrounding walls. It then turned its attention towards the guards that had awoken it, claws flew down with astounding speed cutting in to and through fragile limbs, leaving fleshly remains of what was the militia. The remaining guards screamed in terror at the gristly sight and scrambled to escape around the Ankheg, over the corpses of their comrades. Leaving Constable Torgal and Aki�s band to fend off the irate beast.


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