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Caer Chan Carega #5

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Caer Chan Carega

Reaching his house, Chloddio checked the ventilation systems, making sure the air down on the sleeping level was as good as that at the top of the house. He had a modest four story home, the kitchen area at the top of the house to let all the fumes, the next level down housing the sitting/dining room where guests would be entertained, the third story was his sleeping room, while the bottom was just storage. Granted, he entertained so little the second story might as well be storage as well, since that was mostly what was there. He would have to clean it out if he ever wanted to have friends over.

He shrugged. That was unlikely to happen any time soon. Heading down the spirals stairs, he undressed, flinging his clothes into the corner. Sliding between the covers, Chloddio fell asleep with the thick blankets surrounding him. A hand reached down and shook Chloddio, jarring him almost out of bed. “Sir, you have to move, problem at the mine.” The speaker, one of the night crew at the mine, threw some warm clothes at Chloddio as he was sitting up, the clothes catching him in the chest. “I'll be waiting upstairs. I'll tell you what happened on the run over.” Chloddio dressed quickly, throwing on the mismatched clothes in an effort to dress faster, then pounding up the stairs of his house to the exit where the miner waited for him.

As soon as he reached the top the miner grabbed his arm and began hustling Chloddio towards the mine. “There's been a cave in where you called for supports earlier today. They were up, but apparently not strong enough to hold the roof. Its come down, and the night crew are stuck beyond it. Some may even have been hit by the debris. We're going to need your talents to get through to the miners in time, its a long collapse.” Saving the rest of their breath for running, Chloddio and the miner hurried onwards to the mine.

When they arrived, the two of them grabbed a drink and a couple minutes breathing time, then headed down into the mine towards the cave-in. After about half an hour of slogging through the mine past people rushing back and forth with equipment, they came upon the first of the piles of rubble that were being slowly cleared from the beginning of the cave in. With all the dangers inherent in moving the stone and lessening its support of the roof, they had not made much progress into the pile of stone, especially without any of the night shift stone mages, both of whom had been trapped on the other side of the cave in as they were inspecting the new shaft heads.

Chloddio immediately moved up to the rock, pushing his body against the pile of stone, sending his senses out into it, searching for the weakpoints, and which parts were taking strain from the roof, if any. The jumble of impure rock, all mixed with air and dust, cluttered his senses, making it hard for him to reach far into the rock, but he managed to point out several places where it was safe to begin digging in a good ways. With the crews shovelling the stone and debris out of the way, he slumped down against the wall, a flask of water in his hand. Leaving orders that he was to be woken as soon as any of them had reached the approximate depth he had asked, Chloddio slept against the wall, trying to snatch a few minutes of sleep to make up for the lost hours of the night.


Caer Chan Carega #5 © Stratovarius

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