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Caer Chan Carega #3

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Caer Chan Carega

The mining engineer was nearing the end of the tour when he bumped into the one of the men underneath him, an engineer named Lysja who was part of the team trying to figure out how to remove water from the lowest parts of the mine. They had a series of pulleys that kept a string of buckets lifting the water out of the central shaft, but the problem was by now so many of the side shafts had split off and angled down that there wasn't a way for them to cut drainage into the main dump for all of them. They used some of the water to provide pools for the workers to swim in off duty and such, but there was still too much water in the mines for anyone's comfort. Because of that, Chloddio had assigned Lysja and a few others the task of dealing with it a couple weeks ago, and it looked like Lysja had been looking for him to report something, although whether it would be new or just the same old problems would be interesting to see.

Lysja started speaking before Chloddio had even managed to open his mouth to say hello. “Well, well, you know we've had problems with the drainage, that the side shafts sink down away from the main so either we have to sink drainage tunnels at an angle from each of them into the main shaft or find some other way, and that the water often collects at the mining wall and such, disrupting work until we can get a buck brigade down there to clean it all out.”

“Yes, yes, I know that, we've had that problem for some time, this is what you have been assigned to fix. Now, do you have something new for me, or is it going to be the same as before, where its more dead ends for us to run into.”

“Oh no, we got something, we hope. Its new, at least, new to us. We came up with it watching the carts rumble past on the mines.”

“Carts rumble past all the time, that's nothing new. What's so inspiring about seeing a mine cart in a mine?”

“Well, you see, one of the engineers on the team is a bit of a metal worker, and so he was thinking about bellows, and how they move air about, sucking it in and out, a bit like the ones we have that help move the air around in the mines. Well, he was sitting there thinking, and there was this funny expression on his face, like he felt a bit of a fool but had come on something all the same. Very weird look I tell you. Now, he sits there and looks like this for a while, and we're all wondering what he's going on about, rest of us kinda all stopped talking to look at him. We're waiting, and he finally goes 'I think I have a solution'. Slow-like though, like he's not sure it would work but he thinks he's got it. Now, we all cluster round wondering what he's going to say, and he says 'Look, we've got big bellows in the mines, they pump our air in and out, trying to give us some fresh air down in the shafts we're working on. We've also got the rails laid down everywhere for the mine carts. We just lay down some pipes inside the rails, where no one's going to trip over them, in sections of course so we can extend it as the mine face moves, then have little bellows like things attached so that as the mine carts run over it, their weight operates the bellows. Doesn't change how the mine workers work, and it gives them a sort of slow suction. Should be enough to keep the water out, unless there's some big problem.' Now, we're all sitting there trying to work this out in our heads, making sure that it does actually work. You know, it sounds good, but sounding good doesn't always mean workable. Nother one of the guys looks up and goes 'Ya, I think we might be able to do it. The bellows bits going to take a little doing, but the pipe shouldn't be too hard'. That decided it, and they sent a couple of us off running, looking for you, to report the good news. So here I am. What do you think of it, sir?”


Caer Chan Carega #3 © Stratovarius

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