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Caer Chan Carega #12

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Caer Chan Carega

“Move aside, move aside, let me get to the rock face. I'm going to push through the stone again, its faster than chiselling. Now, each of you grab one side of my body, and push forward until my hand is touching the rock. Do it gently, because I don't want to come out of the focus with a broken hand. Now push...” Chloddio lapsed into his trance as he spoke the last couple words, focusing again on pushing the stone out from under his hand. Solely concentrating on that, for this time there was no need to push a group of four forward with each section cleared. At the same time, there was no boost or assistance from others outside of himself, and that, combined with the burnt energy that six hours of sleep had not restored, meant that this would be a short, sharp burst, expending himself to save minutes off of the time through. Being slowly moved forward, Chloddio felt his hand pressing against the rock, and moved it aside with his will. It was slightly easier this time, experience having taught a little of where and how to push, but the force required to shift a rock of aeons old inertia was still immense, and Chloddio had only just pushed through into the rubble that lay on the far side of the rock sheet before he stopped trying to clear the rock, saving energy to direct the rescue. “You can stop pushing me, we're through to the rubble. I'll get more bags sent up to you to help clear this out.” Chloddio felt rather than saw the nod in response, and pulled himself back out of the tunnel, a crawl that he had made many times today, each blurring into the other.

Now, over eighteen hours since the first reports of the rockfall, the miners had completed their tunnel through to the rescue, as bags of rubble were dragged back from the front face, each one opening the space through which the rescue party would crawl a little more. Chloddio saw all of this from his seat on the floor, slumped against the wall with a smile visible, the knowing grin of someone who has overcome obstacles. The minutes passed quickly as Chloddio sat in his happy daze, and soon enough he heard the call echo back that the miners had enough space to crawl out. Gathering himself, he stood and walked over to the entrance. Turning back for a moment “Torches follow me, but stay spaced out in the tunnel, as there isn't going to be that much air. The rest follow as I told you, but make it snappy.”

Chloddio crawled through the tunnel, relieved when he could stand on the other side, comfortable in the darkness that was lit only by the glow of torchlight reflecting up from the tunnel behind him. As those carrying the torches exited the tunnel and began spreading out, the light ricocheted and reflected, causing shadows that twisted and danced through the haze of torch smoke. The mine before them was dark aside from the torches the rescuers had brought with them, the torches extinguished by those trapped on the other side to save air. Chloddio turned around, stepping back to examine the rock fall through which he had just dug. From this side the single sheet that had plugged the mine shaft was apparent, a single rock that filled the tunnel, the rubble that it had dislodged piled up around the base, a hole near the centre marking the tunnel through which he had come. Off to the side, near the tunnel wall, lay a dowsed torch, the handle smashed by a small rock that had fallen to the ground. A hand lay nearby, stretching out towards the torch still, the splintered bone of the wrist disappearing into the rubble that had fallen. Chloddio had a fair guess how this one had been killed: Alerted to the first fall by the noise and dust, the miner had come to explore, and then died as a secondary rock fall, weakened by the movement of the slab, ripped off of the ceiling to crush his body.


Caer Chan Carega #12 © Stratovarius

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