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Black Tree Chronicles - Birth of Curse

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Stood in the middle of open market, burnt, twisted and decayed yet still had the will to grow; the Black Tree was a dreadful plant. The branches and grey leaves moved as the gust of wind came into the ruins of Merchant Quarter. Still the thick clouds of smoke can be seen rising from war torn city of Neverwinter, the recent battles between Luskan and Neverwinter has left nearly the entire city in ruins. Though the war rages on, Neverwinter was successful defending their city. The loss of life was enormous. Most of the citizens gathered around the compound and inside Castle Never to mourn the loss of their loved ones and Lady Kera. She died giving birth to a [boy/girl]. Silence was all over the place, only the cry of the newborn was echoed in the halls of Castle Never, who was in the hands of Lord Brante. As Lady Kera was carried through the castle and into the lower crypts, one by one citizen started to depart the castle; some couldn’t control their expression of grief while others just walked off in an orderly manner. Faint lights illuminated the dark crypt. She was placed in a vacant burial chamber at the end of the crypt, as the soldiers started to cover her face with the slab of stone; Brante yelled “STOP!”

Brante:-“Leave us alone”

Sergeant:-“But my lor-

Brante:-“Leave us alone or you shall answer my cold steel Sergeant!”

Sergeant looked shaken by the response he got and asked his guards to follow him. Once the last of guards left, Brante looked and smiled at Kera and said “So the curse was true” he look down on the infant, just slept from crying “I am not going to take the life of this child like we did before, so be at ease”, taking a deep breath and continued “Instead I have summoned Blackguards Captain Delmond to perform the sacrifice”. Now his smile turned into heinous sneer “You do remember him don’t you? I recall how he fought in the battles against Neverwinter. Ahhh, How I love the sound of battle” as he looked up at the ceiling and continued to speak “Bear in mind I bestowed him the honor to execute your beloved friend. Remember how he screamed when Delmond’s blade touched his flesh” at this point his face fuming with hatred and shouted “THAT WRETCHED BLADE RUINED ALL THE PREPARATION I HAD MADE. BUT NOW I AM GOING TO SACRIFICE THIS CHILD! SO THAT I GET WHAT I DESERVED! For so long I have waited for this day” and laughed in the empty chamber. With heavy sounds of footsteps, a tall dark shape entered the crypt, with dark armor reflecting in the dim lights Brante handed him the child and whispered some words in his ear as if to hide something from Kera. Before Delmond even got closer to the secret passage out, Barnte said “Use the dagger this time.” As he throws it at Delmond “I don’t want you to mess this up, this time” for a brief moment Delmond gave Brante a spiteful stare and left.

Bell started to clang in the city as the watchman shouted “A MURDER ATTEMPT HAS BEEN MADE BY LUSKANS ASSASSINS! LORD BRANTE IS SEVERELY WOUNDED AND THE CHILD HAS BEEN ABDUCTED!” a chaos was brewed in the city as the city watchmen started the search. Saddled up quietly on a horse, making sure not a soul heard the child’s cry and left for the southern woods. Delmond was going to an ancient shrine of Kelevmor [Lord of Dead] in the depths of the darkest woodlands. Delmond was careful not to let the child die until they reached the site. Within two days and three nights he arrived at the mouth of a cave. As he carried the child in the harsh environment, plagued with undead and zombies, Delmond became weaker by every step he took towards the shrine, at long last he came into a room. With glowing glyph writings illuminating the room full of rotting flesh and blood pouring through the cracked ceiling. In the middle of the room was a statue of Kelevmor’s hooded face standing with a scythe and draped in blood. As he look at the bottom of shrine there was a small altar, precisely the size for a human to lie upon.

He placed the child on the stone, as he was about to take out the dagger the child was awaken due to the smell of the room and started to cry. Delmond didn’t paid attention to how much noise the child was making and raised the dagger. He started to mutter some words and was about to thrust the dagger into the child’s chest when three arrows came soaring through the air and sank into the armor of Delmond. Now in excruciating pain, the dagger slipped from his hand and onto the ground. When he looked back, roots sprouted from the solid ground and tied around his legs, but before he realized what was going on, he heard a loud roar coming from the other side of room and suddenly he was knocked over by an immense force. The arrows on his back broke in two half, the ones on his back dug deeper into his armor. As he tried to clear his vision he noticed a huge figure approaching with an axe plunging towards him, he immediately took out his sword and obstructs the attack. The sudden impact of the axe was too difficult to withstand. He pushed back the axe and swiftly rolled to avoid the second attack.

Holding his back as he got up, he noticed the child had stopped crying and looked at the altar, the infant was missing. As he scanned the dark areas of the room, he saw three individuals in distant surrounding him. “Jisha, get the child out of here!” one with a sickle yelled, “Roland and I will hold him back, won’t we Roland?” Roland griping his axe tightly and looking furiously at Delmond replied joyfully “Do not worry about us little sister; I will protect Cedric, I promise”. Jisha was making her way out with the baby when suddenly Delmond charged on her, with another roar Roland came rushing towards Delmond, but this time Delmond was prepared he took out his shield and prevented the attack. Roland was going for another blow when Delmond hit him on the chest with his shield and kicked him onto the wall. Jisha was cornered. As she laid down the baby on the ground, she swiftly took out her bow along with the arrows and aimed at Delmond’s eyes. With a vile grin on Delmond face, he moved his blade in slashing pose, when a huge bear lunged on him and clawed his left arm, he dropped his sword. The blood from Delmond’s hand was dripping from the arm. The bear was upon Delmond and looked at Jisha then it said “MAKE HASTE!” it was Cedric. As she hurried through the door with the child, Cedric tried to bite Delmond’s neck, when suddenly Delmond hit him on the neck with his injured hand, then pushed him back and rushed to grab the sword. Delmond’s hand narrowly missed Roland’s axe when he reached for the sword. With a loud clatter the axe collided with Delmond’s sword. The pieces of blade fluttered all over the place as it shattered; Delmond covered his face with the shield, except one of the piece lodged into his chest. He was barely breathing when Roland grabbed him by the neck and threw him on the altar. Roland cried “CEDRIC!” who was human again.

Few shattered pieces had punctured Cedric’s body; he was shaking violently as if thrown into a freezing river. Trying to heal his wounds with spells and potions but there was no blood coming out of his wounds, nor it would close, with his shivering hand he drank the last potion, as he sat down and said to himself in a calm voice “What kind of trickery is this?” he looked at Roland eyes now in tears, Cedric continue to speak as he tried to inhale air “It is not your fault Roland, everything had to end sometime” now breathing heavily “Tell Jisha, I love her” with the last breath he sat motionless. Roland screamed as hard as he can, with rage in his eye he grabbed his axe and dragged it amongst the corpses towards Delmond. He lifted Delmond by his neck and put pressure on his throat, to his surprise Delmond showed no sign of pain. Roland shouted “WHO SENT YOU TO THIS PLACE!” trying to get some answers before butchering him. As they stared at each other, Delmond gave the same vile grin and stayed still, Roland yelled “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! SPEAK YOU HIDEOUS MAGGOT OF NINE HEL-!” Roland’s words were interrupted when he felt something sharp pierced on his body. As he glanced down he saw the dagger stabbed in his chest, he looked at Delmond who seemed satisfied with his achievement. Roland bashed his head against the altar and squeezed his neck until it cracked and then he chopped off his head from his body.

He dropped both Delmond’s head and his axe as he took out the dagger. He felt some fluid on his hands as it seeped from his nails, upon closer inspection he saw it was his blood dripping from both the hands. By the time he realized it, the blood started coming out of his eyes and ears, he got on to his knees and said “Oh God, protect my sister and the child and let the child be the light in these blind wars” as he said that, he collapses on the floor.

BLACK TREE CHORINCLES [Birth of Curse] © Markane

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