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"After the War" - Chapter Two (Demon Days)

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"What's under your shirt?" Bishop inquired, suddenly, staring at the strange cross of a human and a tiefling in front of him.


"I...I mean, there are two really big ridges poking out your back, they're shaped almost like wings...but that's impossible!" Fade frowned at him for a moment, then seemed to be in extreme pain, and two huge, feathered, black wings tore their way out of her tunic, somehow it stayed on.

"Wow!" Fade flapped them a few times, then was suspended a few feet in the air, "I can fly?!" Fade disappeared among the trees, laughing. There was a flash of lightning and what looked strangely like an eldritch blast shook that same spot, narrowly avoiding Fade, who immediately went to investigate.

----A few seconds earlier----

-Ammon Jerro-

Ammon Jerro had quizzed Zhjaeve on everything she could remember about what spell Fade had used to escape. He was fairly sure that he knew what teleportation scroll she had used, and could only guess where she had gone. Gathering the remaining group together, Casavir, Zhjaeve, Neeshka and Khelgar, forced the lightning to carry them near the place that Fade had materialized in, without the travelling sickness! It was somewhere in the woods, night already? It had only been dawn when they had set off the kill the King of Shadows. What he thought was an Erynies, or a Succubus was floating around a little way off, laughing like a maniac, and the first thing he had thought to do was shoot it! The missile missed, and the thing swooped towards him, and landed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Ammon?" inquired a furious, familiar voice.

"Fade? What happened to you? You look like my half-sister!" Neeshka was as baffled as the rest of the threesome, Casavir had disappeared mysteriously when they had landed.

---A little way off---


'I suppose I should be happy.' thought Bishop, as he idly petted Karnwyr, 'Fade has come back. She wasn't killed by Garius, so the wings and the teeth and the horns must be something to do with the King of Shadows, no matter how demonic and evil she looks, it doesn't matter to me. As long as she isn't 20ft tall and composed entirely of sludge! I would probably never admit this to her, but only the gods know, I love her, but I can't say it. I'ts not my style, I know it, but there is still one irritating problem with Fade, her little paladin lap dog, Casavir. Oh, how I'd love to take this blade and ram it right into his back.!' Behind him, a rustle in the leaves, a shlick of metal as a sword was drawn, a soft breathing. However quiet these sounds were, you couldn't not identify the breathing as a male, the shlick of his armour, that 'Holy Avenger' of a sad, man too confused to know weather he has feelings for a woman or not. Bishop was the first to speak.

"You're no rogue, Casavir, I could've heard you approach with my fingers in my ears!"

"Well," sais Casavir, jumping out of the bushes, "it was worth a shot!"


"So, what's the analysis, Doc?"

"It appears that, when you destroyed the King of Shadows, part of his power, when is escaped, passed into you, giving you certain traits, both physical and mental." Ammon Jerro delivered with a very Doctorey tone.

"When you say mental, what do you mean?"

"Well, Hypothetically speaking, you should be able to move and mutilate things with your mind."

"Like this?" Fade frowned at a twig lying by her, it slowly rose up in the air and stripped itself to the core of the bark. then the many pieces fell back to the earth.

"Wow" breathed Khelgar.

"You should be happy, barrel-house, Fade may feel nice enough to make you taller!" goaded Neeshka.

"And maybe she can make you less ugly, tail-for-brains, personally, I'm sick of looking at that hideous face!"

"Tail-for-brains isn't your's, short stuff! Qara was kind enough to let you use it because you aren't smart enough to think of your own nicknames!"

"Cut it out, you two!" Fade glared, "Don't make me use my newly aquired psychic powers on you!"

Somewhere in the near forest, came the sound of fighting and insulting:

"And what makes you think she likes you! She left you behind, she hoped you were dead!" this was Bishop.

"Some people just know. It's called intuition, you brainless dope!" that was Casavir.

Everybody listen for a few more seconds, then Fade piped with, "I'm gonna go have a closer look at this!" with that, she took off, then landed among an leave-alanche, spreading her gothic black wings out as big as they could be, which, from tip to tip, was about the length of a small shark. Casavir stared like it was attack of the demons all over again, until Fade stepped out into the light, and spoke,

"Hello, Casavir"

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