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'After the War...' - Chapter One (B.E.A.R.D)

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[Author note: B.E.A.R.D= Betrayal, Escape, Appearence, Reunion, Doh'!]

'Blood finds a way. Always.'

At last, the so called 'mighty' King of Shadows had fallen. For now. The power it had posessed was finally free, escaping into the air and destroying all it had made. That included the Ritual Chamber that Fade and her friends had got themselves trapped in. Now she only had one choice. The teleportation scroll she had bartered off Deekin a few months ago. Apparently it would take the caster to wherever she wanted to go, providing it was on the planet.

Drawing a deep breath, and making sure none of her surviving companions were watching, Fade took out the scroll and began to read.

Zhjaeve heard a whisper of the Ancient language, she wanted to know where is was coming from, thinking that help was coming from Crossroad Keep. But when she could see the source of the power. It was the Knight-Captain, trying to escape! The nerve of her!

Fade looked up from the completed spell scroll just in time to hear the last words of her group she probably would ever hear, "Know that the Knight-Captain has escaped." said Zhjaeve, her face, as always, half asleep.

But that didn't matter now. What were Zhjaeve, Neeshka, Khelgar and Ammon Jerro going to do to her now, she was already materializing somewhere in the woods, and they would be trapped down there for all eternity, until they starve to death to join the rest in the Nine Hells.

Bishop crashed loudly through the bushes, angry with himself, Garius and genrally everything in the world. Why, oh, why did he leave Fade down there? Although he tries to never admit it, he wanted nothing more that to be with Fade, wherever she was. 'Stop it,' Bishop told himself,'She's probably murdered by that worm, Garius, already. No point in mourning about her!' Bishop was rudely ripped out of his thoughts by a powerful magical disturbance, a little way away, to his left. Vaguely taking the shape of a human, or a humanoid figure. A girl...a girl that he knew? Fade? Here? How?

She landed with a thump and an oath on the ground, semi-conscious and annoyed. Bishop knelt over her and placed a gentle hand on her and rolled her onto her back.

"Fade?" She opened her eyes halfway to register who had spoken and where she was, then fully woke up.

"Bishop!" She suddenly sat up and hugged him, catching him by surprise, he patted her back unsurely, "Thank the gods, I wasn't sure wether the spell had worked right or not!" finally letting him go so he could take a breath, Fade jumped up and brushed the excess magic off of her person. Bishop stared at her, aware of the slight change in her appearence, like the fact that now she had small, demonic horns jutting up from her skull, and when she smiled, Bishop could make out two vampiric teeth where there were none before.

"Fade..." Bishop could hardly register the fact that Fade was still alive, and standing in front of him.

"Oww, my head," she held a hand up to her forehead, then wisked it away, in horror. She had discovered the reddish-brown horns poking out from her jet-black hair. Summoning a magic mirror from thin air, she closely examined them. "Oh God, Oh GodOh GodOh God! I've got horns, and fangs! FANGS!

'After the War...' Chapter 1-B.E.A.R.D © ME!

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