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The Adventures Of Fen Pocketsfull - Part Two

Queensilverwing (QSW) aka lilly
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Fen walked along the rivers edge, poking his nose into this flower, and under that stone, and generally being inquisitive of his surroundings. Feeling hot and hungry he looked up to find a spot to sit and rest, when to his delight he spied a human child who was perhaps in his early teens. Bouncing over he waved his hand and greeted the lad.

“Well this is a nice surprise! Fancy meeting you here, and you're fishing as well! I am starved, caught anything yet? Oh my name is Fen what's yours? Shall I start a fire, or do you prefer to eat your fish raw?”

The lads jaw hung open in surprise, he blinked several times, and then gathering himself he tried to answer all the questions at once.

“Do I know you? Yes, no, Peter, yes and no!”

“Why should I start a fire if you have not caught anything yet?” Fen seemed to have no trouble keeping up at all.

“Because I am about to” Replied Peter, and so saying he expertly reeled in a large juicy trout.

“Oh grand! Why you’re a rather handy chap to have around I’d say, I like to fish, but the fish don’t like me. I can sit still for FIVE whole minutes, and not a bite!”

Fen shook his head sadly and the lad laughed.

“So, I did not see a human settlement round here, did I miss it? Oh visiting a human town would be fun, which direction is it in?” Fen got out his pans and added some rice as his contribution to the meal. While he waited for it to cook he sat next to Peter and grinned.

“West, about fifty miles as the crow flies. But I don’t come from there” the boys voice turned scornful, and he pushed back his jet-black hair from his eyes. “I’m one of the wanderers, we have camp about five miles away in the woods.”

“You’re a gypsy? Oh, now that sounds just like me! Well of course I DID live in Kendermere, but I am off to meet the world now. Aren’t you a bit young to be so far from your people?” Fen did not know how old the lad was, but he looked young, so he assumed he was young.

“Well I never heard of any Kender being of the blood, and I am NOT too young. I am 12 winters old, almost a man!” the lad grumbled a bit, then not wishing to sound rude, he softened his tone.

“My sister, who is ONLY 3 winters older than me, thinks she can boss me about and tell me where I can and cannot go. Well, if I want to fish here, I WILL fish here! And if she does not like it, then she does not have to eat any of the fish I bring home, does she?” Stubbornly peter threw his line out over the water and sat patiently.

“Certainly not” Fen agreed, for did not his auntie Talespinner think she could boss all the younger Kender about? Well to be fair, she was normally right, but that did not mean she was right to do so.

“And its her loss, cos this fish is a smashing one and SOOOOO juicy!” Fen smacked his lips as he tore into his half of the now cooked fish. Licking the juices off his fingers he wondered why Peters sister did not want him to fish here, and asked the lad as much.

“Because, two winters ago a band of no good thieving cowards ambushed a small caravan of our people here. Since then, we have avoided this spot, but I say why should we? It’s our right, by blood and freedom to camp here, AND to fish!”

“What's blood got to do with it young peter?” Fen got the freedom part.

“Because this land is owned” the lad spat the word ‘owned’ out “by the Baron Greyshard. And he is my cousin six times removed. One of our own married the old barons daughter and ‘settled’ but when HE became Baron after the old mans death, he gave his people the oath in writing that for so long as our blood lived, we could camp and hunt upon his lands any surplus game there was to be had.” Peter resumed his watch of the river, his face a picture of indignation.

“Oh I see, actually I don’t. Is the fish is short supply then?” Fen looked worriedly at his empty plate, he could do with another trout.

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