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The Adventures Of Fen Pocketsfull - Part Three

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Peter looked at Fen as if he were mad, then shrugged and laughed.

“Are you sure you're not touched by the sun Fen, you ask the silliest of things, as if a river like this would ever be short of fish!”

“Oh I don’t know Peter, one time old Greedy Guts Bollo sat at the Pebble Rush River in Kendermere, for a whole month and fished. He caught every fish alive, and we had to wait a very long time before the new fish hatched and we could have a good fish stew!” Fen packed up his washed cooking utensils and sat swinging his legs on a log.

“Every fish? What did he do with that many fish, I mean it must have been hundreds?” Peter eyed Fen to see if he was kidding him, and then looked past Fen to see two men on horseback approaching.

“He ate the lot, we don’t call him Greedy Guts for nothing young scamp! And do you know…” Fen stopped talking and followed the direction the boy was scowling in, seeing two men on horses he jumped up as they dismounted and waved a merry greeting

“Hello there! Isn’t it lucky that you saw us, cos riding up above the bank you would not think that you could see us; you must have very good eyesight I must say! Oh, what fine horses you have, do they bite? It’s a shame you only arrived now, a few minutes earlier and you could have shared our fine feast of rice and fish, but we ate it all, and only have raw fish left now, and the fire is out so you would have to make a new one, and oh my gosh, what a very large club you have there, and why are you holding it out at us like that?” During all this Fen had been running about in front and behind the strangers, enjoying the spectacle of them twisting this way and that to keep sight of him. Upon seeing one of the men take out his club, Fen within a blink of the eye had liberated the other man of his weapon and placed it neatly in his magic pouch. Returning to Peter he stood next to the lad with a great big grin on his face, winking at him, Fen started to load the surplus fish into the net the lad had brought with him.

“We told you lot to bugger off, you ain’t welcome here and you was warned what would happen if you came back!” The speaker took a step forward, his club rhythmically thumping into his other hand. His friend was busy searching for his lost weapon, muttering all the while that ‘it was here a moment ago!’

“We have a right to be here! We have it in writing and you can’t tell us otherwise! Why don’t you leave us alone, we don’t bother you, or take more than we need, nor over hunt the stock unlike your master does!” Peter stood defiant, his small frame quivering with anger, his eyes alight with hatred.

“You was warned GYPO! Now you’re in fer it, and then we will hunt out yer caravan and dump your mangled body with yer dogs and other Gypo scum!” The man stepped forward his arm raised to land a blow directly on Peter’s head, when all of a sudden he overbalanced and fell onto his back with a *THUD* Peter, got out his hunting knife and swiped at the mans legs, but neglected to see the second man reaching out to grab him by the back of his neck. Lifted off his feet, Peter cried out as the hand holding him crushed his neck, and he started to struggle, kicking out his legs. Deciding that the ground was too soft, Fen loaded his sling with a large river pebble and hit the man in the temple with it. As the man fell he released his hold on Peter long enough for the boy to escape, and Fen was quick to grab his staff. Using the first mans prone form as leverage he vaulted off his nether regions and landed lightly upon his feet to make a crushing blow to the second mans head, effectively disabling him for some hours to come.

“Run Fen, before the other one finds his feet!” Peter shouted as he grabbed up his knife and fishing pole and started to run towards the forest across the meadow. Fen gave the first man a good whack to his chin, then ran over to the loaded fish net and hooked it onto the end of his staff before running after Peter.

“You forgot your fish Peter! Hold on for me, gosh you can run fast, and by the way who were those men and why did they act so mean? What's a GYPO Peter? Oh my I do so love the forest, but where are we going, and do you think those horses will be ok all alone with their owners passed out on the ground? I wonder if they had anything interesting in their saddlebags, perhaps I should just go back and see...or maybe not, they DID look rather grumpy don't you think?”

Fen caught up with the lad on the forest edge, and smiling he handed the boy the net of fish.

“You know, I’m hungry! Is it far to wherever we are going?” he asked

“A fair ways fine Fen, but when we get there I shall make you the FINEST fish stew you have ever tasted! You saved my bacon back there and no mistake, and won’t my sister just crow with delight when she hears of it!” Peter scowled at the thought, and wrapping his arm about the Kenders shoulder he lead the way to his camp.

“Actually Peter, I saved your fish, I must have left the bacon behind” Pulling out the weapon he had liberated earlier, Fen grinned when he saw the smiths mark on the hilt of the rapier.

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