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The Adventures Of Fen Pocketsfull - Part One

Queensilverwing (QSW) aka lilly
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Fen was a Kender, and like all Kender he had a sense of the ridiculous and was forever getting into mischief. He stood at perhaps just four feet tall, was slim of build. (Like most Kender, he spent a lot of time running away from irate people) His hair was nut brown and long, tied into a topknot high upon his head. His eyes constantly changed colour, but were for the most part a mossy green. A handsome chap, Fen had quick clever fingers that were always rummaging about in his pouches.

On his 20th birthday, he decided it was time to see the world, and more importantly, introduce the world to him. He felt sure that the world without Fen Pocketsfull knocking about it, would be a rather dull place to live. Not wanting to think of, let alone be able to imagine a dull world, he stuffed his pouches (and a few ‘borrowed’ ones that had come into his possession) full of his worldly goods, picked up his uncles walking stick (that doubled as a staff) and with a wave and a lot of shouting, said good bye to his friends and family. Indeed, the whole of Kender must have heard his farewell commotion, Fen did not believe in doing things quietly

The first thing Fen discovered was that a lot of people simply ran the other way when they saw him. Now this made making friends rather hard, and he spent his first few weeks on the road running after those people, with a lot of “Wait! Ho there, you're running too fast, you're going the wrong way, and of course I’m a Kender, didn’t I say so?”

He wondered if it was his brightly coloured clothes that put people off, and when a rather fat (to his mind the dwarf was fat, even for a dwarf) sour looking dwarf saw him and made his way towards Fen, he thought that perhaps his luck had changed. Instead he got the shock of his (up until now long life, for what flashed before his eyes suddenly did not seem such a very long life) when the dwarf without saying a word heaved back his battle axe and tried to smash his brains in. Being fit (not fat) and rather fast (from all the running he had been doing of late) Fen hopped backwards just as the axes blade whooshed by his nose.

“Little rat, I’ll get you!” the dwarf screamed in a very high, un-dwarf like voice, and proceeded to chase poor Fen over several hills. Fen for his part, after getting over the initial shock of being attacked by an axe-wielding dwarf, thought that any company was better than none and started to enjoy him self. After all, he thought, it was rather like playing Tag, only the stakes were a little higher. So keeping five paces ahead of the fat dwarf, Fen ran in circles, up hills and down them, and back up them again (he was of the mind that he was doing the dwarf a great favour, because he really was too fat and needed the exercise) After perhaps half an hour Fen got bored, and seeing the dwarf collapsed on the last hill, his chest heaving, he walked forward to him (keeping enough distance from the axe)

“You know, I think you have lost a few pounds Sir dwarf. BUT you are a horrid shade of red, and if you heave any more, your armor may pop right off your body. Not that that would be a bad thing, its just once off, I don’t think you would ever be able to squeeze into it again”

Seeing the dwarfs eyes pop out and the effort he was putting in to stand up again, Fen thought it prudent to leave.

“No no, don’t strain yourself, I'm off in that direction, a lot of hills, oh yes tons of hills, and in your condition, I don’t think you could make it. Still, perhaps another time?” With a jaunty wave fen trotted off towards the largest hills he could see, already his mind was on what interesting things they might hold.

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