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World of Krynn Preview


I was recently invited by Arcanius, from Neverwinter Haven, to visit his persistent world Krynn which is based on the Dragonlance setting. My visit to Krynn was done as a DM which offered me a behind the scenes look at how large Krynn is. As many of you might know Arcanius is also the author of "x" in one series of hak packs. What originally started out as a four in one when NWN was just released, has grown to a 25 in 1, which is what the world of Krynn uses. With over 125 areas, numerous tilesets, tons of unique creatures and items, this world is massive.

As a player you will start out as a level 2 character in the desert city of Khemel. Once there you can get up to date information from signposts about the recent additions to the world and the rule implementations which include the Hardcore Ruleset with special rules for death and experience. Specifically when you die all your belongings are stripped and put into a loot bag where it's up for grabs to anyone. Also to avoid ending up in limbo upon your death, there are several bindstones all around the world which, when activated, will be your new starting point when you gasp your last breath.

A very cool feature of the world is that you can own housing, which is as simple as finding one that is for sale and having enough gold to purchase it. The one we saw ran for 10 000 gold pieces and once purchased, will transfer a key into your inventory giving you ownership of it. Almost all the areas in the world are populated with creatures to help you raise those funds.

Our next stop was to tour the new mines of the world which incorporate the Ambrosia Tradeskill System by Mojo. While I've truly admired Mojo's work, this was my first time seeing it implemented and in action. On the way to the mines is a smithy were you can purchase a pickaxe to mine ore and in the mines themselvse you can find ore which are placeable boulders. When the boulders are clicked on, this will give add ore to your inventory. Be warned though that the mines are haunted by the undead.

Continuing to tour the many other areas of the world, was also a great opportunity to see all the cool content that the community has created. For example, we visited an area that uses the jungle tileset which is very impressive. The detail and richness of the textures really adds to the feeling. Transitioning through a massive in the jungle tileset, will give you access to the treecity tileset, if you are an elf. Another great looking tileset which gives you the impression of what an elven city nestled in the treetops might be like. There is no doubt that the use of new tilesets adds a lot to the experience.

For players looking for a challenge, there are also several areas with more powerful creatures such as giants, and a Dragons lair. Again it was my first time seeing a "baby" dragon which was scaled and available in the 25 in 1 hak pack. Probably even harder than that is a 9 level dungeon that has an intricate layout and where even the guardians on the first level should not be messed with.

Moving on to a test area, Arcanius showed me his work on the Alun Maar, one of the main artifacts in the world. Dragonlance history has it that there was a grey gem used to create the races and magic, but was shattered throughout the world. Pieces were retrieved by the gods, but some remained, and the Alun Maar is one of them. With it comes the ability to resurrect the dead, create earthquakes and teleport. He also let me know about a bug in NWN concerning factions. It seems that when players die their factions don't get reset, so in the test area are rows of placeable boxes with scripts attached to them that fill in that role. Not sure if BioWare is aware of the bug, but I would assume so.

Currently Arcanius has about 90% of the world completed with plans for an additional 20 more areas and the next major improvements to be quests and adding Mojo's bank system. What's really impressive is that he's been working on this project all by himself including as a DM, so he's looking not only for players, but people interested in helping him run it.


We'd like to thank Arcanius for his time in giving us the tour.

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