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What To Do Post-HotU


There is no way I would ever pay per download or pay monthly subscription charges for NWN content. Period.


I am also not at all interested in BioWare making another official campaign. I didn't play the first two and have no desire to play a third fourth or fifth.


That being said, here's my considered opinion on "what to do after HotU".


I don't really see the point in making more official campaigns, and not just because I don't enjoy them very much. Here's why - by Christmas this year NWN will be approximately one and a half years old. In my view, most folk who bought the game to play the single player campaign(s) will move on to bigger brighter and glossier things within another 6 months or so (perhaps another RPG with prettier graphics, sound etc), and the only people who will stick around to keep buying content for dowdy old nwn after that will be those who build modules and those who play user-built modules. Releasing another official campaign might keep a minority of players around a bit longer, but the long-term impact of official campaigns is minimal IMHO.


The way I see it, what sells this game long-term is the ability to continually create something new with it. For this reason, I think BioWare should consider releasing a toolset-only expansion some time after HotU (if they release anything at all) with plenty of new toolset content (tilesets, placeables, creatures, sounds, other art etc etc) in order to get maximum bang for their zots.


I think it's fair to say that the majority of the hardcore fans who want to stick with this game another two years (or more) are either builders or players of custom modules and have stayed with NWN this far primarily because of it's excellent toolset. To spend what little zots are left after HotU on more campaigns would therefore to my mind be folly, and adding more toolset content so that fans can build better modules for themselves seems by contrast far the most sensible use of developer resources IMO.


It's true that you can't please everyone all of the time, but I strongly believe that the maximum impact to NWN after HotU will be achieved by supporting the toolset and the user module building/playing community.


I would prefer this to come in the form of another X-Pack, preferably soley geared towards module-makers and online players. I strongly believe that if BioWare makes a big show of support towards it's loyal followers in these two large areas, it will not be disapppointed sales-wise, and this would be it's best shot at preserving the strength and size of the NWN online community (one of the game's greatest strengths and undoubtedly it's best chance of long-term survival) for a good long time to come.


To conclude my little monologue, I think that BioWare's best option is to play to NWN's long-term-appeal strengths when deciding what to do post-HotU, and to minimise the effort (and zots) spent on short-term-appeal content (like new campaigns).


It's time to start really focusing on the Module building and Multiplayer communities if you want this game to still be popular in another two years.



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