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View from the Vault - Common Sense, Common Courtesy, and Our Community Members


This View from the Vault is going to give a little behind the scenes look at my interactions with the community. I've been managing the site for about a year now, and I have met an awful lot of people in that time, and read the interactions and communications of the community members to each other much much longer than that. After all I'm not just a site manager, I'm a community member.

In life, people will be offered to get the good news or the bad news first. Which would you prefer to hear, if you have read this far? I'm going with my favorite and offer what I deem some of the negative aspects of people's communications and interactions in the community.

Ever notice how demanding people can be? I realize we live in an "On Demand" society, but do we need to demand of our fellows as we demand of our movies, meals, or other entertainments? Is it that easy to launch the first volley because of the disconnect provided by the keyboard from the person on the receiving end? I've seen some nastiness in both community comments for Vault entries, threads on the Bioware forums to the Devs, and as of late in the volatile community content ownership issue. You honestly wouldn't believe some of the correspondence I have had with community members that have had this tone. Think about this in case you are ever tempted to trash the work of someone. Constructive criticism as opposed to being hostile and derogatory is a major difference. But let's face facts, any collection of people is going to have elements like this. In some they match or outnumber those that know how to conduct themselves. I can happily say that we don't have that concern in our community.

How can I say that so easily? I just told you, I deal with your people about 350 days a year! I just processed our Vault Promo ads for this week today. There is a place for the owners to place comments or information. More often than not, all that fills that field is a "Thank you!". I have some folks that simply throw a series of numbers at me in an e-mail to let me know there is an FTP file waiting. And then there are those that are a bit more... interesting.

There is one community member slides chicken wings under the Vault door every time they send an e-mail. I've also seen a maniacal "Pinky and the Brain" type persona letting me know they have uploaded a file, and "there's nothing you can do to stop it!" in a joking manner. Overwhelmingly, we have an outstanding collection of people that come to this site and contribute to it, and they treat each other with respect. The majority of us use common sense and common courtesy. It makes a big difference.

Then there are the few, the proud... the mediators. Folks that have clout in the community or have such strong feelings for it that they will take great pains to see problems the Neverwinter Nights community resolved. Take a moment and consider what a difficult task it may be, to try to find compromise. I've kept from names because really, that's not fair to anyone. But I'm the manager, so I'm pulling rank and dropping one. I'm dropping it because I was privy to their dialog and efforts to try to resolve the recent conflict. I am not saying they have found or conjured up the end-all-be-all answer. I'm saying I saw them work, and if you value the community, you could take a moment to value Maximus. He worked very hard with the communities best interests at heart, and I personally think he exemplifies people that value and strive to better our community.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the View from the Vault.


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