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The Uber Class in 3rd Edition

Rutaq of the Broken Skull

Rutaq's Verdict: "Ya gots a lot uf dem whiners out dere!"

I am seeing a rather disturbing trend on the boards these days. I shouldn't be concerned with it, really, considering everything else going on in the world, but I seem to see this discussion crop up with every possible CRPG out there. It's as if the idiots everywhere have a committee that meets monthly to discuss how and when they are going to post on a public board about how they can't be the coolest class known to mankind, garnering the love of peasants and nobles throughout the cyberverse.

The general twist on these threads is that this class is weak or this class is lame or this class seems like a total waste of time. I am avoiding names here, but I think every class in NWN or 3rd Edition DnD has been the victim of some sort of prose-based drive-by about how X class doesn't have the ability to simultaneously cast spells, swing swords for huge amounts of damage, sneak attack, heal or generally possess 14 other ridiculous powers.

If that's what you are looking for, don't waste your time with NWN. DnD has always been a game of group reliance and party tactics and not a game of being the Overlord of Destruction. At higher levels, any character is a formidable force of one. However, a well-laid out encounter with even the weakest goblins can result in devastation for a prideful character.

It strikes me that there are those among the vast chip-munching and caffeinated-soda quaffing gaming public that get NWN. The rest are either new to the world of DnD or just plain see NWN as another chance to run headlong into battle until they are the toughest critter alive. To me, that seems self-defeating and unchallenging, but never being one to exclude any group of gamers, I have come up with a solution for these misguided souls.

Let's engineer a 13th class (fitting, eh?) that will have all of the abilities of the other classes combined. In the single-player module, these folks can run amok as they like, filling their hearts with the glory of running the game into the ground. On persistent worlds, those who choose this class can interact with other players, but like the ghost of Hamlet's father or anyone in Congress, they will have little effect on the world around them. The rest of us can disable this feature and actually engage in the challenges that working within one of the other 12 classes creates. This way, we're all happy.

In addition, just because I have heard this question posed so many times, I am going to do a series of editorials on why each individual class is worthwhile. Look forward to the first installment, "DnD3E: Why Wizards Don't Suck," coming soon to a Neverwinter Vault site near you.

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