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Server Hosting for NWN / NWN2 Servers.

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Do you want to start running a Real Persistent World Server - with a 24/7 Uptime, hosted in a DataCenter with super fast connection, and best of all, for a low price.

Im now offering Dedicated Virtual Servers of various Specs for low monthly Prices - complete with Static IP's.

You will get full ssh access (for Linux) or Administrative RDP Access (for Windows).

Install mySQL, PHP, or any additional software you require, or even request that we install it for you.

Example Server: Great for NWN1 Servers.

2ghz Processor

612mb Ram

80gb HDD for $8.00 per month.

1 Million Disc I/O operations for $0.10 per Month. (Total Varies on Usage)

The amount you pay, will vary based on the amount your server is used:

Why pay for times when your server is hardly getting any players?

(NWN2 Spec will require higher CPU/RAM and cost a bit more)

We can also offer web hosting, and other services as well as simple notification systems to alert you to downtime or excessive usage of your server.

For a quote, or general enquiries contact

Leave me a message on the Vault.


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